Maps and Plans

The Archives has a considerable number of maps of Victoria and environs dating from 1848 to the present.

Fire insurance plans for the years 1903-1907, 1911-1916, 1925-1949 and 1957-1967 are also available. See related links at right for fire insurance plans available online.

Building plans and applications for plumbing connections for demolished buildings are also held by the Archives. These are useful tools for researching architects and homes. They also provide information on buildings and businesses that no longer exist.

Applications for plumbing connections show the owner at the time the building was plumbed, legal description and a drawing of the outline of the building with plumbing connections to the sewer. Building plans often show who the building was built for, date, architect, elevations and alterations.

Maps, building plans, and applications for plumbing connections are searchable via the Archives Online Search site. Use the links below for quick access.


Image at top: Detail of Pemberton's map of the City of Victoria, 1861 [CVA M08542, Map B0016]

Image at bottom: Detail of plan for proposed alterations of building at 734 Broughton Street, B.C. Funeral Company (Haywards Ltd.), 1930-1931 [CR-0144-2-0004, sheet 3]