140 Years of Victoria City Hall

The City of Victoria Archives regularly displays photographs from its holdings in the main floor hallway of City Hall. Below is a digital version of the current display "140 Years of Victoria City Hall", which presents images of City Hall during its 140-year existence and also highlights the changing landscape around the building over the years.

Designed by the architect John Teague, City Hall first opened in 1878, sixteen years after Victoria’s incorporation. Teague won a design competition for the new building in 1875; however, his original design had to be scaled back due to cost concerns. The result was a more modest building that could be constructed in stages. The first of these was the south wing at the corner of Douglas and Pandora Streets. Further additions came in 1880 (fire hall) and 1888 (fire hall extension). In 1890, Teague’s modified plan was fully realized with the completion of the final addition and clock tower.

As Victoria grew in the following decades, so did the need for expanded and updated    municipal facilities. During the City’s 1962 centennial celebrations, the Centennial Square project was unveiled, along with plans to renovate City Hall and design a new addition for the building. The newly renovated City Hall was opened on November 4, 1964.