What's in the Archives

Research Guides

The guides below provide information and resources on common research topics.

City Government Records

The City of Victoria Archives is the official repository for all civic records of permanent value to the City of Victoria. Learn more about City government records.

Community Records

Community records (also called "private" or "non-governmental" records) that document the history and development of Victoria are also acquired by the Archives through donation. Learn more about community records.

City Directories

The first city directory was published in Victoria in 1860. City directories list residents in the city and surrounding areas and include addresses and occupations. Learn more about city directories.

Maps and Plans

The Archives possesses a considerable number of maps of Victoria and environs dating from 1848 to the present, as well plans and plumbing connection applications for demolished buildings in the City. Learn more about maps and plans.

News Clippings

The clipping files contain newspaper articles and other related materials about a wide variety of topics pertaining to Victoria over the years. Search the clipping files collection via the Archives' Online Search.


The Archives has a photographic collection of thousands of images from both private and public sources. Learn more about photographs in the Archives and view information about image use.

The Archives regularly displays photos from its collection in the hallway of City Hall. View online versions of past and present displays.

Reference Library

The Archives has a modest collection of publications dealing mainly with the local history of Victoria. Learn more about our reference library.