City Grants

Grant programs provide financial support to community organizations to advance important programs and services to residents.

In response to COVID-19, Council directed staff to undertake a second round of Strategic Plan grants of up to $250,000 with an exclusive focus on recovery projects related to COVID-19. This one time-limited grant program was specifically designed to ignite and nurture community based COVID-19 recovery work as well as a new catalyst to kick-start our city's resurgence. 

Council has also approved a new Everyday Creativity Grant Program to increase access for everyone to be creative and enjoy the arts. A total of $125,000 is available and grants would encourage applicants to provide new creative programs to engage citizens in the arts and encourage broad participation and learning opportunities.

To help with Community Recovery and Resiliency an additional $100,000 has been allocated to the My Great Neighbourhood Grant program.

For more information please see the grant program links below.

The program areas are:

Cultural Infrastructure Grants are awarded annually through a competitive application process to not-for-profit organizations.  They support Victoria-based arts and culture facilities with redevelopment and expansion of existing or new spaces, physical infrastructure and accessibility upgrades, specialized equipment purchase.  They can also be used for planning or feasibility studies to build organizational capacity in areas including facilities planning and design and needs assessments. Click here for detailed information including program guidelines, eligibility criteria, application forms, and timelines.

Strategic Plan Grants are awarded annually by Council through a competitive process and are for eligible organizations working on a project or program that supports the actions and outcomes of the City of Victoria's 2019-2022 Strategic Plan objectives.

Click here for frequently asked questions regarding the Strategic Plan Grants.

Micro Grants are maximum of $500 to cover supplies needed for food production in commons and community gardens. Council awards these through a competitive process annually and falls under the same policy as Strategic Plan Grants.

Click here for frequently asked questions regarding the Micro Grants.

Community Garden Start-Up Grantare available to eligible organizations to support them in the design, planning, convening and building of new community gardens in the City of Victoria. The various types of community gardens and eligible activities are defined in the Community Garden Policy.

Click here to learn more about how to receive funding to help start a community garden. Click here to learn more about existing Community Gardens in the City of Victoria. 

Growing in the City Volunteer Coordinator Grants are available to any neighbourhoods that manage and maintain community gardens as defined in the City’s Community Garden Policy.  Eligible programs also include community growing projects such as the Urban Food Tree Stewardship Program and community boulevard gardening. The grants are intended to provide funding for a person to conduct outreach and coordinate volunteers and to promote educational growing opportunities for the community.

Click here for more information regarding the Growing in the City Volunteer Coordinator Grants.

My Great Neighbourhood Grants support citizen-initiated projects and activities that animate community spaces and create gathering spots to bring people together. Click here to learn more about My Great Neighbourhood Grants.

Festival Investment Grants are guided by the Festival Investment Grant Policy and are awarded by Council through a competitive process annually. Learn more about Festival Investment Grants.

Direct-Award Grants are paid to organizations that deliver a service on behalf of the City on an ongoing basis, including organizations that operate a City-owned facility. These grants are awarded annually by Council without a competitive process; annual reporting back to the City is required. Direct-Award Grants include:

  • Operating, youth programming and youth outreach grants to community and seniors centres
  • Per capita grants to each neighbourhood
  • Grants to Victoria Civic Heritage Trust and Victoria Heritage Foundation
  • Grant to Recreation Integration Victoria

Everyday Creativity Grants are a new program to encourage everyone to be creative and participate in the arts. Click here to learn more about Everyday Creativity Grants.


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