Everyday Creativity Grants

During the pandemic, we have seen people around the world embracing everyday creativity and the need for creative outlets during the health crisis.

Participating in the arts has multiple benefits for health and well-being - reducing social isolation, building self-confidence, relieving stress and anxiety, and strengthening community connections.

The new Everyday Creativity Grant program will encourage and enable the community to realize creative opportunities for all citizens to enjoy. An emphasis on equitable access for everyone to participate is a key component of this program. Projects that focus on learning, creative expression and broad public participation of the program are encouraged. 

Grants will range from $500 to $5000. No matching requirements are needed for this program. 

Application Deadline

There is a rolling deadline until December 31, 2020. Applications will be reviewed bi-weekly and grants will be allocated until all funding is depleted. $125,000 is available for this program.

Eligibility Criteria

The program is open to all non-profit organizations including community and neighbourhood associations and schools. Individuals, ad hoc, informal organizations and businesses may also apply for funding by partnering with a local non-profit group. The non-profit group is required to sign the application as the sponsor, and if approved, will receive the funding for disbursement to the applicant.

The applicant:

  • Must be registered as a non-profit organization in good standing in the Province of BC or registered charitable organization in good standing with the Canada Revenue Agency.
  • Can reside outside of Victoria.
  • May only submit one application.
  • Must demonstrate a need for financial assistance.

The project must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible to apply for a grant:

  • Situated in Victoria and benefit residents of the City of Victoria.
  • Completed within one year upon receiving funding.
  • Offer a unique experience not duplicated by other organizations and their activities.
  • Be free and low barrier to encourage access for everyone to participate in the program.  
  • Can be in-person or online.

Events must comply with Provincial Health Guidelines for any events gathering 50 people or less together in public space. For guidelines on hosting a safe event during COVID 19, please refer to the following resources to plan your event safely:

How To Apply?

1.         Review guidelines.

2.         Contact us to confirm eligibility and request an application form.

3.         Complete application.

4.         Compile supporting documents.

5.         Submit your application to our office.  

6.         After your event, complete the final report and submit to our office.

Important Documents:

Please read the following documents. Contact staff before you begin filling out your application:


Questions? Please email culture@victoria.ca