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The votes have been counted and just over $54,000 is being awarded to six community-led projects in the City of Victoria’s 2021 Participatory Budgeting initiative.

This year’s theme ‘Neighbourhood Spaces’ is all about projects that encourage social connection and belonging, community identity and expression, a connection with nature, and community resilience. The initiative received a great response from the community with eight projects going out for community voting. More than 1,300 residents voted for the projects they wanted to see funded.

Projects to receive funding this year include a mural project, a community hub, an artist billboardstreet murals, live pop-up performances, and an outdoor movie night.

Congratulations to the 2021 Participatory Budgeting Winning projects:

Projects with budgets between $1,000 - $7,500:

Lower Yates Mural Project - $6,500 - Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness
Youth living at the Lighthouse, a supportive housing project on lower Yates, will create an art piece for Waddington Alley for the wider community to enjoy.

Madrona Community Hub at Dockside Green $2,500 – Anne Glover
This project will transform a neighbourhood space into a community hub for residents and the public, complete with a little free library, a community notice board and a heritage marker

BIPOC Artist Billboard in Old Town/Downtown - $5,000 – Victoria Arts Council
This project will feature the artwork of a local BIPOC artist, who will be chosen by jury of BIPOC artists/curators/community members/business leaders, on a prominent billboard on the Victoria Arts Council building.

Projects with budgets between $7,501 - $20,000:

Curbside Colour - $15,750 – Greater Victoria Placemaking Network
This project seeks to create joyful places for residents and visitors to pause by adding bright, meaningful designs by Indigenous artists to two ‘traffic calming’ locations on Victoria streets.

You Are Here Pop-Up Docs - $20,000 – Theatre SKAM Association
This project brings live performances featuring short digital documentaries, shadow plays, and animated shorts to Victoria neighbourhoods to explore the history of this land.

Picture Nights in Oaklands - $4,830 Oaklands Community Association
This project will ask for the community vote on a film celebrating the diversity in their community. There will then be a family friendly film event at Oaklands Park.

 Learn more about these exciting projects here.

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What is Participatory Budgeting?

Participatory budgeting is an innovative, democratic process that was first developed in Brazil in 1989. It is now practiced in more than 3,000 cities around the world. Participatory budgeting gives the entire community the opportunity to participate and decide how to invest a portion of the City budget and focuses on engaging people who have not historically been involved in government or budgeting processes. The process is run by a volunteer steering committee who engage with the community to encourage project submissions and ensure the process is transparent, fair and inclusive.

The initiative began in Victoria in 2017 with a successful pilot project. The City followed this up with a commitment for three more years, with a focus on Youth in 2019, on Newcomers in 2020, and on Neighbourhood Spaces in 2021.

This short video provides a snappy introduction to Participatory Budgeting. It was produced by the Participatory Budgeting Project, a not-for-profit organization based in New York.

Check out past projects making a real difference in our community: 

In past years, 15 community-led projects have been selected by community members to receive more than $150,000 in City of Victoria Participatory Budgeting funding since the initiative began in 2017. Many more potential project ideas were submitted and voted on by community members. Thanks to everyone who participated!

2020 Participatory Budgeting funding recipients:

  • ICA’s Tools for Equity – Bystander Intervention Training - $30,000
    This program aims to combat racism and help create safe, inclusive communities by teaching participants practical skills they can use to support people of colour.
  • Anti-Racist and Culturally Competent Healthcare App - $10,000
    An app focused on improving health outcomes for newcomers.
  • Planting Home - $2,000
    This program aims to help families and individuals connect to culture & community through the joyful cultivation of food.
  • Financial Literacy for YOU (FLY) - $1,580
    This program empowers youth through financial literacy training.
  • Being Together & Being Here: Newcomer Integration Through Indigenous Partnership and Education - $1,943
    This training program for youth promotes learning and builds relationships between newcomers and Indigenous community groups.
  • Culturally Safe Intake for Rock Bay Landing Shelter -$1,930
    This program enhances emergency shelter intake service to accommodates the needs of our multicultural, non-English speaking population.
  • Coming Home to the Garden: Sustainability Workshops and Resources for Newcomers - $1,566
    A series of gardening workshops that focus on food security and sustainability.

Find out more about the 2020 Participatory Budgeting recipients. [PDF - 936 KB]

2019 Participatory Budgeting Project Recipients: 

  • What We Need: Prevention of Youth Homelessness–$27,520 This program will equip at-risk youth with resources to find housing, employment and stability through fostering independence, belonging and empowerment
  • Pollinator Partnership Canada –$18,000 This program will empower youth to take the lead in pollinator conservation in Victoria
  • Unquiet Minds II –$6,450 This community-based event will celebrate and highlight youth in their efforts to cultivate creativity towards an ongoing and theatrical discussion of mental health
  • Nobody’s Perfect Parenting Program for Young Parents –$2,400 This parenting program will provide resources to parents who are young, single, socially or geographically isolated, or who have low income or limited formal education
  • Quadra Village Has Talent - $500 microgrant  A one-night talent show will provide an opportunity for youth in our community to showcase their unique skills and talents

2018 Participatory Budgeting Project Recipients:

  • Next Steps Employment Program: ($25,000) A program by Our Place Society that will create pathways to employment for Victoria’s most vulnerable citizens.
  • Urban Alive Pop-Up Native Bee Apiary ($11,500): Border Free Bees, Emily Carr University and Pollinator Partnerships Canada will collaboratively design and build an apiary to house docile native bees and educate the public on the crucial role they play in natural ecosystems.
  • Learning Garden: ($16,000) Food Eco District (FED) and LifeCycles Project Society will build an educational outdoor classroom at the Greater Victoria Public Library’s downtown branch.