Strategic Plan Grants

Strategic Plan Grants are awarded annually by Council through a competitive process and are for eligible organizations working on a project or program that supports the actions and outcomes of the City of Victoria's 2019-2022 Strategic Plan Objectives and builds community resilience as well as advances Council’s stated Values on Equity.

In 2020, Council approved $592,285 Strategic Plan Grant awards ranging from $1,500 to $32,500 with the average grant awarded of just under $10,000. In 2019, the total award was $491,315; ranging from $2,250 to $40,000 with the average award of just over $11,700.

2021 Strategic Plan Grants Announced

The City of Victoria is awarding 53 grants totalling more than $470,000 to local community organizations through its annual Strategic Plan Grant Program this year. These grants help advance the City’s strategic objectives to improve the quality of life for residents of Victoria and to continue to build community resilience to respond to future challenges.

This year, grants ranged from $2,500 to almost $28,000 with the average grant awarded being slightly more than $7,000. Some of the projects funded through the program this year focus on reconciliation with Indigenous communities, food security, peer counselling and housing supports. Learn more


An External Grant Review Committee will assess each eligible application and make recommendations to Council for consideration and approval by April 30, 2021

For more information on the Strategic Plan Grant, email

Grant Payment

The payment of approved grants will occur in early July 2021.

Application Deadline

The annual application deadline is January 31. 

Only those organizations that have submitted a complete Final Report for evaluation will be considered for funding. For all future awarded grants, the Final Report for the prior year will be due no later than September 30 of the following year.

Before You Start Your Application

Please review the relevant program policy and processes to ensure an understanding of the eligibility criteria, assessment criteria including Council’s weighted strategic priorities, grant definitions, review process and the final reporting requirements.  

Getting Started

We have put together an Application Package containing the Application Checklist, the Strategic Plan Grant Application and if applicable, the Strategic Plan Grant Final Report below. 

Character limits are in place and any words beyond that limit will not be taken into consideration. No supplementary documentation (e.g. letters of recommendation, annual reports, etc.) will be reviewed unless specifically required to complete the application.

You will need to save your form, add relevant signatures, and send by email to along with the required eligibility documentation. Only the listed eligibility documentation will be assessed. 

The forms for the Strategic Plan Grant Application Package are listed below: 

Need Help Completing Your Application?

To help you complete your grant application, please review the Grant Writing Handbook from the Greater Victoria Community Funders’ Network. This document is to provide information that may be useful in preparing the Strategic Plan Grant Application and is to be used for informational purposes only.

To add leverage to your application and learn more about Other Funding Sources; the link provides a number of diverse funding sources available, including funding from other municipalities for projects that extend beyond the City of Victoria and collaborations or partnering.

For more information, please refer to the guidelines below.

Strategic Plan Grant Guidelines

  1. Who Can Apply?

    To apply for a grant, organizations must meet all the following criteria:

    • Registered  non-profit  organization  in  good  standing  in  the  Province  of  BC  or registered charitable organization in good standing with the Canada Revenue Agency
    • Organization  resides  within  the  Capital  Regional  District  and  the  services  and activities benefit residents of the City of Victoria
    • Complement or extend the reach of the City services
    • Evidence of clear mandate and competent administration
    • Evidence of ongoing, active volunteer involvement
    • Not in arrears with the City of Victoria
    • Not in bankruptcy or seeking creditor protection
    • Demonstrate financial stability and accountability
    • Evidence of diversity of funding sources and/or increasing financial self-sufficiency
    • Applicants must apply for funding on an annual basis
    • Projects or programs must be substantially completed within the grant time period
    • Monitoring and reporting requirements 
  2. What Kind Of Projects Or Programs Are Eligible?

    Applications for the Strategic Plan Grants must be aligned with one of the City of Victoria’s 2019-2022 Strategic Plan Objectives

    The Strategic Objectives are as follows:

    1. Good Governance and Civic Engagement
    2. Affordable Housing
    3. Prosperity and Economic Inclusion
    4. Climate Leadership and Environmental Stewardship
    5. Reconciliation and Indigenous Relations
    6. Strong, Liveable Neighbourhoods
    7. Health, Well-Being and a Welcoming City
    8. Sustainable Transportation

    Council has weighted the strategic plan objectives as follows:

    • Affordable Housing                                                         5.88
    • Prosperity and Economic Inclusion                                5.88
    • Climate Leadership and Environmental Stewardship    5.38
    • Reconciliation and Indigenous Relations                      5.38
    • Strong, Liveable Neighbourhoods                                 5.25
    • Health, Well-Being and a Welcoming City                     5.00
    • Sustainable Transportation                                           4.75       

    Additionally, the following criteria must be met:

    • Projects or programs must be based in the City of Victoria, or the portion of the activity that takes place in the City of Victoria
    • Projects or programs must be substantially completed within July 1 to June 30 each year
    • The final report will be a prerequisite for ranking subsequent requests
    • Administrative costs are capped at a maximum of 18% of total budget
    • Organizations can be funded up to 75% of project or program costs
    • Operating funding up to 50% 
  3. What Kind Of Projects or Program Costs Are Ineligible?

    The following costs are not eligible for funding:

    • Commercial activities and related costs
    • Religious activities and related costs
    • Land purchase and land improvements
    • Activities and costs that are the responsibility of other governments
    • Costs not directly associated with approved project, program or service
    • Fundraising costs for the operations of the organization
    • Travel costs
    • Conference, workshop, training or professional development costs
    • Deficit or debt repayment
    • Re-investment of unused grant revenue by funded organization
    • Festivals
    • Impact to public space
    • Capital requests 
  4. How will the External Grant Review Committee Evaluate the Strategic Plan Grant Applications?

    The committee takes into consideration the key elements in evaluating the applications as follows:

         1.   Council’s Weighted Strategic Plan Objectives 

    • Affordable Housing                                                        5.88
    • Prosperity and Economic Inclusion                               5.88
    • Climate Leadership and Environmental Stewardship    5.38
    • Reconciliation and Indigenous Relations                      5.38
    • Strong, Liveable Neighbourhoods                                 5.25
    • Health, Well-Being and a Welcoming City                     5.00
    • Sustainable Transportation                                            4.75

          2.   Assessment Criteria 

    • Capacity of an organization to deliver the project (20%): Project aligns and advances organization mission and mandate; organization has experience and capacity to undertake project successfully; the people who will lead and implement the project have relevant experience; and strong leadership is evident.
    • Evidence of Need (20%): Demonstrated strong evidence of need for the project, project addresses a Vital Signs indicator or priority issue (in this case, City’s strategic priorities).
    • Project Builds Community Resilience (30%): The definition of resiliency is the capacity of a system, enterprise, community or a person to maintain its core purpose or integrity in the face of dramatically changed circumstances.
    • Project Feasibility (30%): Work plan is detailed and feasible with stated timelines; budget expenses are appropriate and well considered amounts are identified for proposed activities; budget revenues include adequate funding sources to meet project expenses; other sources of funding are identified as potential or confirmed, including in-kind sources.

          3.     Overall Evaluation

    Scores from the above criteria (Council’s Weighted Strategic Plan Objectives and Assessment Criteria) will result in a total “Merit Score” for each grant application. Dependent on the demand relative to available funds applications may not receive full funding despite their merit score.

    To view the External Grant Review Committee's Terms of Reference, click the link below.

  5. What Are Other Types Of Funding Sources?

    Leveraging of grant funding is a key criteria for eligibility.  The grant must be leveraged to create additional financial value by securing one or more of the following:

    • Funding from other governments or other organizations
    • Corporate sponsorships
    • Matching funds
    • In-kind contributions
    • Waived fees and charges

    To help you complete the Strategic Plan Grant application, please refer to the following link “Other Funding Sources” from the Victoria Foundation Victoria Foundation – Other Funding Sources.  This provides diverse funding sources available, including funding from other municipalities for projects that extend beyond the City of Victoria and collaborations or partnering.

  6. What Is the Application Process?

    The annual Strategic Plan Grants Application process is as follows:

    November 16 Application intake period open 
    January 31

    Application deadline and External Grant Review Committee reviews

    Final Reports for the prior year 

    April 30 External Grant Review Committee recommendations to Council
    July 1–June 30 Project or Program period
    August Recruit two new members for the External Grant Review Committee
    September 30 Final Reports due to the City of Victoria