Climate Strategies & Plans

Explore the strategies and plans that guide our action on climate change.

Climate Leadership Plan

The Climate Leadership Plan [PDF - 5 MB] (CLP) is Victoria’s plan to reach an 80 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and transition to 100 percent renewable energy by 2050.

In November of 2020, the City released its first Progress Report [PDF - 20 MB] to illustrate how far we have come with respect to the goals, targets, and actions outlined in the Climate Leadership Plan and what our current priorities are.

Learn about the goals, targets, and actions of the CLP’s five sectors – Buildings, Mobility, Waste, Municipal Operations, and Adapting Early – and the important role that all Victorians must play as we work together towards a prosperous, low carbon future.

Zero Waste Victoria

Zero Waste Victoria is the plan that will guide the city’s transition to a future where products and materials are avoided, reduced, and reused instead of disposed in the landfill.











Reducing overall waste generation and disposal, while realizing emissions reductions in the process, is also a key component of the Climate Leadership Plan as waste accounts for about 10% of community emissions.

To learn more and view the plan, check out

GO Victoria

On-road transportation accounts for approximately 40% of community greenhouse gas emissions. GO Victoria is the City’s Sustainable Mobility Strategy and identifies our values, policy positions, key initiatives, and strategies for supporting and shaping transportation in Victoria. GO Victoria sets the stage for improvements to achieve road safety, climate action, equity, and affordability goals by maximizing the use of our public rights of way. Each year, the City will advance capital projects, initiatives, bylaws, and programs to support this strategy. 

To learn more and to read GO Victoria, check out Streets & Transportation | Victoria.

Official Community Plan

The Local Government Act 2015 outlines that a municipality’s Official Community Plan must include targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the policies and actions that the local government has proposed for achieving those targets. The City is currently working on an update to the Official Community Plan, including the chapter on Climate Change and Energy to better align with the Climate Leadership Plan [PDF - 5 MB] and climate emergency declaration. To provide input on how the City can continue to strengthen action on climate change, please visit Official Community Plan Update | Have Your Say (  











To learn more and to read the Official Community Plan, check out Official Community Plan | Victoria.