Adapting Early


In 2050, Victorians share sustainable community values, civic pride, neighbourhood partnerships, and a wise and common long-term planning view. Innovative adaptation projects were completed early and affordably to manage an increase in severe and prolonged storms, heatwaves, flooding, and sea level rise, recognizing that modest early investments would minimize costly and disruptive actions later. Victoria’s municipal infrastructure is strong and supports a healthy, biodiverse and resilient natural environment, a thriving economy, and a vibrant, active community. 

What is Adaptation?

Even with bold and immediate action on climate change across areas like buildings, transportation and waste, the impacts of climate change will still be experienced, and are already being felt across our economic, social and environmental landscapes. To prepare for these changes, Victorians will need to adapt. 

How will Victoria’s Climate Change?

Victoria will experience hotter and drier summers, warmer and wetter winters, rising sea levels, and more extreme storms. The severity of these changes will depend on the collective actions taken in the years ahead to further mitigate climate change and reduce the impacts from GHGs already in our atmosphere.

The Plan

The City is continually monitoring climate risks and creating resilience in our systems by using the most up to date climate projections and by using this data to help manage our natural and built infrastructure. As climate adaption planning continues, we will work to educate and empower the community so that early and wise actions can be taken to prepare for a changing climate.

Read more about the plan to prepare for a changing climate in the Climate Leadership Plan [PDF - 4.9 MB] on page 54.

What are the City’s Goals for Adapting Early?

Goal 1: All climate-related risks to City infrastructure are minimized through early and wise planning and action

Climate resilience is embedded into all City business.

The City’s infrastructure and services are ready to protect and respond to the risks associated with a changing climate.

Goal 2: Victoria’s natural environment flourishes in a changing climate.

 Natural habitats support healthy fish, wildlife, and plant populations and healthy ecosystem function.

Goal 3: All Victorians are empowered and prepared for climate-related impacts and emergencies.

The community is knowledgeable and prepared to address the impacts from a changing climate.

The City incorporates best practices in risk communication covering all climate hazards.

Climate resilience enhances quality of life for all Victorians, especially the most vulnerable.

What can I do?

The City will work to ensure all Victorians are empowered and prepared for climate-related impacts and emergencies. Curious as to what you can do today, or plan for tomorrow when it comes to a changing climate? Here’s where to start.


  • The City offers incentives for managing rainwater on your property. Find out what rebates or credits you may be eligible for by using the Rainwater Management Planning Tool.
  • Continue to improve your emergency preparedness, including getting to know your neighbours! Talk about how you can support each other when it comes to a changing climate (e.g. heat stress and more frequent and intense storms).


  • Insulate your home and considering switching to a heat pump to provide low carbon heating through the winter and cooling during the increasingly warm summer months.
  • Encourage your employer to consider a business continuity plan that plans for events like heat waves and storms, and talk to your insurance broker to find out if your home is covered for all types of flooding.