Climate Action Acceleration Town Halls

Contribute to Victoria's climate dialogue!


We know Victorians care as deeply about the climate crisis as we do at City Hall and that everyone wants to do what they can to help. This is why the City of Victoria is hosting a series of town halls to gather input that will help us develop a “climate lens” for city policies. A climate lens means that we will look at all proposed policies and assess how they will help the city, residents and businesses reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and create a healthier more liveable city.

To do this we need to make a rapid transition to highly efficient, renewably powered buildings, vehicles, industry and services. The town halls will focus on how we transition buildings and transportation away from fossil fuels. Council invites you to share your ideas, expertise and experience and to identify barriers, opportunities and solutions. We want to hear all points of view!

Your input will help the City understand and balance the various needs of many members of the community with the urgency of climate action.  Staff and Council will use this citizen and industry expertise to set new directions, policies and strategies to tackle the climate crisis and continue to bring our Climate Leadership Plan to life.

The climate crisis requires bold and urgent action that will also create other benefits like housing availability and affordability, better mobility options, equity, health and well-being. With your help and participation, we will take accelerated action to reach our greenhouse gas (GHG) and renewable energy commitments, while transforming our City into a more healthy, livable, vibrant and low-carbon community.  

If you can’t attend in person, please feel free to submit your ideas by email.


June 4th: Deep Energy and Efficiency Retrofits for Existing Buildings

June 10th: New Buildings and Land Use

June 21st: Low Carbon Mobility

*All Town Hall sessions will run from 9AM - 12PM


How to participate:

  1. Request to speak at a Town Hall session – email to register.
  2. Attend any Town Hall in person (speaking not required) – RSVP to
  3. Submit your comments online via email to

Please prepare spoken or written commentary summarizing your considerations, ideas, concerns, or perspectives.

** Prepare to provide your input within 3-5 minutes. Time slot duration will be confirmed based on number of registered speakers.


To find out what’s already underway and planned, read our Climate Leadership Plan