Get Started (Rebates)

Take advantage of the available energy efficiency and electric vehicle incentives

BC Clean Energy Vehicle Program

Victoria is the perfect place to own an electric vehicle (EV), and rebate programs from the Province of BC help make it possible for you to have an EV of your own. Learn more about the rebates available through the BC Clean Energy Vehicle Program.

Visit for all your electric vehicle needs including the $5,000 Provincial rebate, charging station locations, and answers to your EV questions.

Energy Retrofits

Make life more affordable and reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) by improving the energy efficiency of your home or business. Here are some good places to start!

  1. Visit the CleanBC Better Homes website

    CleanBC Better Homes is your one-stop shop for online resources to help answer your questions and to learn about energy improvements for your home. Topics include:

    • Rebates for space and water heating, insulation, windows and doors
    • Energy Upgrades
    • Financing
    • Contractor and Energy Advisor information
    • Frequently Asked Questions and more
  2. Speak with an Energy Coach

    Knowledgeable energy coaches are available by phone and email to answer your questions at all stages of your home energy improvement project.

    Call or email an Energy Coach at 1-844-881-9790 /

  3. Get a customized plan for your home

    Did you know?

    Having an energy evaluation completed by a program-qualified energy advisor makes you eligible for more rebates and incentives. There is also a rebate available for completed pre- and post-retrofit evaluations.

    What is an EnerGuide home evaluation?

    An EnerGuide home evaluation is a whole-home energy evaluation conducted by an energy advisor. The evaluation takes approximately two hours and includes expert advice and a customized retrofit plan to help you save energy and greenhouse gas emissions, improve the health and comfort of your home, and make your home more affordable to operate.

    Recommendations from an energy advisor can save you hours of planning time and thousands of dollars on upgrades by helping you make energy efficiency upgrade decisions that are customized for your home and budget.

    Learn more about EnerGuide energy efficiency home evaluations

    Find program-qualified energy advisors here.

  4. Contact a Professional Contractor

    Choosing a contractor can be difficult.

    Do you already know what home energy improvements you would like to make, but are unsure of where to find a professional contractor to ask for quotes and advice?

    See Hiring a Contractor FAQs for more information on how to select a contractor.

  5. Get an Energy Savings Kit – for free!

    The kits include the following: water-efficient showerhead, kitchen and bathroom faucet aerators, weather-stripping, window film, outlet and switch plate sealers, a refrigerator/freezer thermometer, an LED night light and four LED light bulbs, a furnace filter coupon (for FortisBC gas customers), & installation guide.

    Apply for a kit or learn more about eligibility

    Income-qualified households may also be eligible for free home assessments in addition to new ENERGY STAR appliances, wall and attic insulation, or high-efficiency gas furnaces. Learn more about the Energy Conservation Assistance Program.

  6. Available Heat Pump Incentives

    Looking to make a fuel switch or upgrade your heating system? Check out these rebates

    Available Heat Pump Incentives

    • Up to $3,000 for replacing your oil, propane, or natural gas heating system with a ductless or central heat pump.

    *Get up to $700 in additional top-ups offered by the City of Victoria and the Capital Regional District while limited quantities last.

    *Get up to an additional $500 when teaming up with other homeowners through the Heat Pump Group Purchase Rebate

    • Up to $2000 for replacing your electric heating system with a ductless or central heat pump.

    *This upgrade can count towards the Two Upgrade Bonus or the Home Energy Improvement Bonus.

    Apply for the rebate or learn more

    Looking for more resources and incentives for your home or business? Check out Clean BC Better Homes for more info.