Zero Waste

Zero Waste Victoria is the City’s plan to reduce waste across all sectors of our community.



Everyday across the City of Victoria over 120 tonnes of waste are disposed and sent to the landfill.

This waste includes demolished buildings, uneaten food, plastic and paper packaging and old clothes and furniture.

 Re-circulating materials within the economy instead of sending items to landfill helps to preserve natural resources, reduces pollution and builds a resilient and sustainable community.



In 2019, as part of the Strategic Plan, Victoria City Council provided direction to develop a comprehensive zero waste strategy

Over the past two years staff have conducted a comprehensive analysis of the materials generated across all sectors of the community, identifying four key areas where the City can make an impact 




When developing strategies and actions to reduce materials, our decisions are guided by the Waste Reduction Hierarchy. This decision-making framework illustrates where actions should be prioritized to reach the most sustainable option. For example, the most desirable outcome would be reducing or reusing an item. The least desirable outcome is disposal of an item in the landfill. As a city, we are working to integrate these priorities into our waste management decisions.



  • Council will consider approval of Zero Waste Victoria in December 2020

  • Staff are developing an implementation plan for the City to begin reducing waste in 2021


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