BYO Bag Victoria Video Contest


24 videos were entered in the BYO Bag Video Contest.  The Jury selected the Youth and All Ages winners and shortlisted seven videos for the People's Choice voting.  Over 650 CRD residents voted! 

We are proud to announce one Honourable Mention, along with these winning vidoes.

Honourable Mention

 10 Tips in 60 Seconds for BYO Bags!
The James Bay Elementary Grade 5 class brainstormed ten tips to help grown ups remember their reusable bags. These young environmental activists had so much fun making this video.

Youth Winner

A Reusable Story
A cute and innocent metaphor for making the world a better place. (Animation and music all created by high school students).

All Ages Winner and People's Choice Winner

Leah’s Ditching Plastic Bags
Leah has broken up with her plastic bag, and now she finds herself the subject of a reusable bag bachelorette episode. Which new bag alternative will she choose? 

BYO Bag Video Finalists

A Plastic Future
My video showcases the future that could occur if the use of plastic bags continues to be unchecked. It involves a person getting a glimpse at a future filled with plastic bags. This person then chooses to use reusable bags from then on.

Bring Your Own Bag
I explain all the reasons why plastic bags are harmful.

The Many Uses of Reusable Bags
Four bags give you a glimpse into the utility of reusable bags.

Bring Your Own Bag Ad
If we cover the path in plastic, we can’t see the footsteps anymore and we will get lost.

Learn more:

Starting on July 1, 2018 businesses in Victoria cannot provide customers with single-use plastic checkout bags other than for the purposes listed in the new bylaw. Learn more about the new bag bylaw here.

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