Retail Toolkit

The Retail Toolkit has been developed to help businesses educate their staff and customers about Victoria's Checkout Bag Regulation Bylaw.

Retail Toolkit

The Retail Toolkit includes tip sheets for business owners and staff, posters, handbills, till toppers, decals and more.  Design elements are also available for businesses that prefer to create their own materials.

Tip Sheets

A series of Tip Sheets are available to assist with staff training and include important details to help businesses prepare for the bylaw.


One series of tools has been developed with general retail in mind and another series has been developed for grocery businesses.  If there are any additional communications tools that would be helpful in implementing these changes, please email ideas to

The posters have been translated into Chinese and are available here:

 Key Messages

Looking for a few lines to include on your website, menu or receipts?  Want to help spread the message on social media? No need to reinvent the wheel.  Here's a selection to choose from:

Business Information Sessions

This spring the City hosted three information sessions at City Hall. City staff have also presented to Tourism Victoria and Hillside Mall. If your organization would like to attend or host an information session, please email


Questions and Answers for Businesses

To read questions and answers relating to retail businesses in Victoria, please click here.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about what these changes mean for your business please email You can also call 250.361.0300.