Citizen Engagement


No one knows their community better than the people who live, work and play in Victoria's diverse neighbourhoods.

At the City of Victoria, the decisions we make impact the daily lives of people in our community.  Public participation creates opportunities for individuals with diverse perspectives to come together and share their ideas with staff and elected officials.  It's also an opportunity to listen and learn from others and to assist decision-makers as they explore ways to improve plans, programs and services. 

If you'd like to share ideas and feeback on a current project please visit our Have Your Say page.

Public Engagement Road Map and Framework

In February 2017, the City hosted a Public Engagement Road Map workshop and drop-in session.  The goal was to work with the community to develop clear expectations on opportunities for the public to participate in City decision-making.  There was great discussion on projects planned for 2017/2018, the roles of citizens and businesses in decision-making and the best ways to include the community in what's coming up. This document summarizes what was heard: Engagement Roadmap Summary .pdf [PDF - 781 KB] .  Based on feedback from the workshop, a 2017 - 2018 Public Engagement Road Map and Engagement Framework has been developed.

Engagement Road Map

The Road Map [PDF - 2.5 MB] outlines when the community can anticipate to provide feedback on important issues. It is intended to help make engagement more predictable and to let people know what they can expect and when; this will help to prevent “engagement fatigue”. 

You can stay up to date with current engagement opportunities on our Have Your Say page.  We will update the calendar frequently to ensure the community knows when and where we will be seeking input and sharing ideas on current projects.

Engagement Framework

The Engagement Framework [PDF - 8.7 MB]  provides further detail on why, how and when we engage. It also shares some tools that are used during the engagement process.

The Engagement Framework is guided by the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2) principles. The City of Victoria adopted IAP2 core values in 2011 and has been continually refining its engagement approach since, a commitment honoured in 2015 when it was awarded Canadian Organization of the Year.

Civic Engagement Strategy

In 2012, The City of Victoria developed a Civic Engagement Strategy to identify how we can better communicate and connect with our citizens. Foundations for Success: A Strategy to Improve Civic Engagement at the City of Victoria was endorsed by Victoria City Council, making Victoria one of the first municipalities in the Province of British Columbia to develop a municipal engagement strategy.

The City asked for input into how the City can best engage the community in civic matters. The feedback received from the community highlighted six challenges for engagement in the City of Victoria and over 60 supporting recommendations to assist the organization in improving customer service and engagement practice. The strategy has been guiding improved engagement and customer service across the organization. You can view it here: Civic Engagement Strategy [PDF - 4.7 MB].