City Logo

The City of Victoria's logo provides a clear, contemporary and lasting image that serves several purposes:

  • It enhances local recognition of a symbol and name in connection with City services, facilities and programs as well as a recognition of funding provided.
  • It achieves national and international recognition of a symbol and name and reduces confusion among audiences receiving communications from the City.

City of Victoria logo

The V-banner logo is a strong, highly visible mark that presents a subtle "V" for Victoria. It presents a warm, welcoming, vibrant, celebratory and proud image to the nation and the world, enhancing and modernizing the City while suggesting timeless elements of its history, such as waves, mountains, and ocean breezes. The V-banner logo was selected in 2001 because it evokes positive associations with the City of Victoria, combining timeless elements of the City's past and present, and positioning it for the future.

When to apply for use of City of Victoria logo

The City of Victoria does make its logo available for external use. Application should be made when the City of Victoria logo is to be used on any materials (printed or otherwise) produced externally. Organizations or individuals who may apply for logo use include:

  • event sponsorship
  • fund or grant recipients
  • those in partnerships with the City
  • a jointly operated facility with the City

Please note: The City of Victoria logo is not available for use on materials produced by external consultants.

How to apply for use of City of Victoria logo

In order to use the City of Victoria logo, you must complete a logo application form. Once your application has been approved, a digital file of the logo will be sent to you. Each request to use the logo will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Will it be used to identify ownership of City services, facilities or programs?
  • Will it recognize a mutually beneficial partnership or the receipt of funds (in dollars or in kind)?

The logo is a registered trademark owned by the Corporation of the City of Victoria.

For more information or to apply to use the City of Victoria logo, please email us.

Please note: The City of Victoria Coat of Arms is reserved for historical, legal and protocol purposes.