City Building Blocks

Join Community Planning staff, Mayor Lisa Helps and experts from our community as we explore the building blocks that create and shape our cities.

Meet us online for our newly created City Building Blocks series of Lunch and Learns. Topics are centered around ideas to help build strong, resilient, and inclusive communities for those living here today and in the future.

Previous Lunch and Learns

Victoria’s Housing Future: How Housing Shapes our City - September 17, 2021
Thank you to all those who tuned in and participated in our first City Building Blocks Lunch and Learn.

We received many questions during the event and due to limited time, not every question received was able to be answered. View the Q + A Summary here.

Missed it? Watch the recorded session below.

Missing Middle Housing – October 12, 2021

As the price of new detached houses continue to rise, and we see a continued trend of new families leaving the city, Council has directed staff to explore options for making it easier to build missing middle forms of housing such as townhouses and houseplexes (e.g. triplex, fourplex). Watch our discussion of possible scenarios for how Victoria could make it easier to build housing forms in between apartment buildings and detached houses.

Affordable Housing & Co-location – November 10, 2021

The City and others in the development community are looking for new ways to create opportunities for affordable housing partnerships. Rising land costs and a scarcity of land is motivating the City and partners to explore co-locating housing within new civic projects. Learn more about new partnerships that are unlocking land for affordable housing to create more inclusive communities by watching the recorded session below.