Harbour Dialogue

Council Approves Harbour Vitality Principles

On October 23, 2014 Council approved the Harbour Vitality Principles including a series of amendments in response to public feedback.  The approved Harbour Vitality Principles will provide the basis for staff to collaborate and liaise with key Inner Harbour land owners to prepare and Implementation Strategy and report back to Council.  

Harbour Vitality Principles [PDF - 2.5 MB]

Thank you again to everyone who participated throughout this process, provided feedback and helped to make the Harbour Vitality Principles a success.

Project Overview

In May 2014, the City of Victoria invited the public to share their ideas for enhancing and revitalizing three strategic sites along the Inner Harbour:

  1. Belleville Terminal site
  2. Ship Point site 
  3. Lower Wharf Street site

Click here for an enlarged image of the three sites

Public feedback was used to help develop guiding principles and development concepts for each site which will help guide and evaluate future development.  These principles and concepts will also help to better position the City of Victoria and other Inner Harbour land owners for potential capital funding, grants and development opportunities. The overall process was framed and informed by existing City plans, policies, regulations and related technical studies.


The City of Victoria conducted the engagement process to identify opportunities for improving the vitality of the Inner Harbour, which is a key objective of several Council-approved policies and plans. These policies and plans share the following common objectives that will guide dialogue with the public and the overall process:

  • Supporting waterfront and harbour revitalization
  • Enhancing tourism
  • Ensuring sensitivity to the surrounding historic and waterfront context
  • Maintaining a working harbour
  • Completing the Harbour Pathway (David Foster Way)
  • Maintaining and enhancing the harbour’s important role for marine transportation and as a gateway to the city, region and Vancouver Island
  • Providing  well-designed and appropriate public realm improvements

Past Community Engagement  

Harbour Dialogue Open House

On Friday May 9, 2014 the City of Victoria hosted the Harbour Dialogue Open House at the Ship Point Site.  Over 400 people attended representing residents, businesses, tourism, the development industry, marine recreational groups and government. This event included City of Victoria staff as well as representatives from the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority, Royal BC Museum, Downtown Victoria Business Association and Tourism Victoria. 

 Click here for an enlarged image of the display board

Harbour Dialogue Display Boards [PDF - 4.3 MB]


Harbour Dialogue Ideas Forum

Over 100 people attended the Ideas Forum on  Saturday May 10, 2014 at the Victoria Conference Centre.  The Ideas Forum sessions allowed participants to move from table to table every 15 minutes and discuss various topics related to the Inner Harbour including Transportation and Connectivity, Public Realm, Working Harbour and Tourism.

The Ideas Forum was able to build on the energy and success from the Open House and included welcome messages from Mayor Dean Fortin and Councillor Gary Albany from the Songhees Nation. 

Here is a summary of the feedback [PDF - 816 KB] received at the Ideas Forum.


Harbour Dialogue Survey Results

A survey was available online which reflected the questions asked during the Ideas Forum. 166 surveys were received. View the results [PDF - 364 KB].

Harbour Dialogue Technical Workshop (Charrette): June 5 and 6, 2014

Over two days, 36 local technical experts discussed and sketched development concepts for three strategic sites along the Inner Harbour (Belleville Terminal; Ship Point and Lower Wharf Street) based on feedback collected from the public, their knowledge of the Harbour, existing City plans, background documents and feasibility studies. Members of the public were invited to view the development concepts created by the local experts following the last day of the workshop.

 Workshop Agenda [PDF - 149 KB]

Participant List [PDF - 95 KB]


Staff used all public feedback, the technical experts’ development concepts as well as existing City plans and background documents to create the draft Harbour Vitality Principles.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Harbour Dialogue engagement process and contributed to the Harbour Vitality Principles!