Effect of Heritage Designation

The appearance of a designated building may not be altered without the formal approval of City Council.

This ensures that the distinguishing features of heritage buildings are conserved. Heritage-designated buildings are subject to the following:

Heritage Effect

  • a designated building can be sold or bought without special approval
  • the owner retains all rights to the individual enjoyment of his property
  • activities in the building or on the property are not affected by designation
  • normal maintenance and repairs can be carried out at the owner's sole discretion provided there are no visual changes to the appearance of the house
  • an owner should consult the Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada (Government of Canada, 2010) to determine what changes are acceptable and the appropriate design approach
  • a designated building cannot be demolished without the consent of City Council
  • alterations or additions needing a building permit and affecting the designated portions of the building cannot be made, without the consent of City Council