Neighbourhood and Local Area Plans

Victoria’s population is expected to grow by 20,000 people over the next 30 years.

Local area plans and neighbourhood plans are part of creating sustainable, vibrant communities. While the Official Community Plan (OCP) provides broad guidance for development and growth, neighbourhood and local area plans guide where new housing will go, where new businesses should open, and what services and amenities are needed.

They can be used by citizens and land owners to better understand community desires in different parts of the neighbourhood. Developers planning new projects can refer to it for guidance, and the City will use it to evaluate proposals and prioritize projects. 

While the OCP sets out the overarching vision for how Victoria should develop over time, neighbourhood and local area plans speak to how smaller areas will help achieve that city-wide vision, while considering the specific needs and desires of the neighbourhood. 

Current neighbourhood plans, local area plans, and related documents are available here.

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