What is a neighbourhood plan

The City of Victoria expects to grow by 20,000 people in the next 30 years.

While the Official Community Plan provides broad guidance for development and growth, each neighbourhood has a role to play in determining where new housing will go, where new businesses should open, and what services and amenities are needed.

Your Neighbourhood Plan

Great neighbourhoods are the result of commited citizens, careful planning, financial investment and thoughtful design. A neighbourhoon plan is part of creating sustainable, vibrant communities.

How will it be used?

The City of Victoria is evolving and changing. New people are moving in, new businesses are opening up. The neighbourhood plan helps to identify:

  • Where new housing and businesses will go
  • What they will look like
  • How people will move around
  • What else does the neighbourhood need

The plan will be used by developers planning new projects and by the City to evaluate proposals and prioritize small and large projects.

What is the relationship between the OCP and a Neighbourhood plan?

Both the OCP and neighbourhood plans guide decision-making, with the OCP providing general, high-level guidance for the whole city, and neighbourhood plans providing guidance at a finer, more local scale.  While the OCP sets out the overarching vision for how Victoria should develop over time, neighbourhood plans speak to how smaller areas will help achieve that city-wide vision, while considering the specific needs and desires of the neighbourhood.

Because the OCP is adopted by bylaw, all neighbourhood plans must be consistent with the OCP.  One of the purposes of neighbourhood planning is to work with the community to review and refine the OCP policies and urban place designations related to a specific neighbourhood.  The OCP and other plans may be amended as a result of neighbourhood planning. Once a new neighbourhood plan has been approved by City Council, Council can decide to amend parts of the OCP and other plans to ensure that all of the plans are consistent.