What is an Official Community Plan ?

Created in 2012, Victoria's Official Community Plan provides direction for growth and change in the city over the next 30 years. Council, staff and citizens use the Official Community Plan to help make decisions on things like where to locate housing and transportation infrastructure, and how to provide recreational and municipal services.

The Official Community Plan provides direction for planning and land use management including: housing; residential development; commercial, industrial, institutional and recreational land uses; road, water and sewer infrastructure; parks and schools; environmentally sensitive land; and greenhouse gas emission reduction targets and actions.

The Official Community Plan is not the only plan that the City approves and updates but it has the highest legal status. The Official Community Plan is adopted as a City bylaw and the British Columbia Local Government Act requires that all subsequent bylaws and works undertaken by the City must be consistent with it. It therefore has a guiding role by providing policy direction for all City departments whose activities have, or may have, an impact on present and future development in Victoria.