Music Strategy

The City’s Music Strategy outlines the role of music in Victoria and a series of recommendations to grow the music sector. It identifies opportunities for the City to reinforce the uniqueness of Victoria's music scene, including talent, spaces and infrastructure. The strategy includes creating opportunities for the public to continue experiencing musical encounters and prioritizing access and support for underrepresented communities to nurture talent and share culturally diverse music practices.

READ/DOWNLOAD: Victoria Music Strategy [PDF - 15 MB]


Based on the data analysis and engagement phases, the Music Strategy outlines five broad priority areas for the City of Victoria to implement:

  1. Connecting People & Spaces: Create Space for Music

  2. Nurture the Talent: Support Musicians & Music Organizations

  3. Grow the Audience: Everyday Musical Encounters

  4. Be Future-Ready: Music Innovation

  5. Creative Economy License to Create: Music Friendly Policy & Licensing 


Every city around the world is a music city. From street performances to major rock concerts, people are living in a music city regardless of where they are. What makes a city become known as a music place is the way in which music is prioritized, nurtured and experienced through everyday interactions.

For Victoria, music is already ingrained in our civic heritage and identity. The narrative of Victoria’s musical history is one of diversity and talent of the highest quality.

Activating the power of a music ecosystem requires a strategy, much like a city has a plan for reducing waste by incentivizing and mandating recycling and compost services. To do so, a music city also requires infrastructure to operate. Where it matters most, however, is how music is curated and integrated into the already existing functions of a city. How is it being treated, cared for and protected? When you begin to ask these questions, you begin to recognize the many facets that encompass a music ecosystem.


The Victoria Music Strategy is a part of the Create Victoria Arts & Culture Master Plan adopted by City Council in December 2017. Create Victoria aligns ideas, people, and resources around a shared vision to realize the city’s creative potential and guide the City’s $1.7 million investment in arts, culture and events over the next five years.

In 2019, consulting firm Sound Diplomacy, the Victoria Music Advisory Committee and City staff developed the foundation of the strategy through mapping analysis, literature review, roundtable discussions with key local music industry groups, as well as broader public input through a survey. Sound Diplomacy completed a music ecosystem study in early 2021 that informed the action items in the Music Strategy. For more information on the work executed by Sound Diplomacy, click here. You can also read more about the Victoria Music Ecosystem Study [PDF - 5 MB]


Jan 2019

Music Visioning & Regulatory Assessment

Mar 2020 - Apr 2020

Stakeholder Engagement

Jan 2021

Quantitative Research

Jul 2021

Analysis of Key Findings & Strategic Opportunities

Sept 3, 2021 - Sept 17, 2021

Gathering Feedback on Strategic Priorities & Action Items
November 4, 2021 Final Report & Strategy approved by Council