Cameron Bandshell / Beacon Hill Park

Cameron Bandshell, also known as The Stage in the Park, is an outdoor performance venue located in the middle of the City's beautiful Beacon Hill Park, off Arbutus Bridge Way.

About the Venue

The Cameron Bandshell is located in beautiful Beacon Hill Park near the intersection of Arbutus and Bridge Ways, just past Goodacre Lake. It comes alive in the summer months with concerts, events and community programming for all ages, and events. All activities at the Bandshell are free and open to the general public.

There are 125 benches providing seating for over 500 spectators, in addition to picnic tables and plenty of space to bring lawn chairs or spread out your picnic blanket while enjoying the concerts.

Features of the Bandshell include two dressing rooms, sound system, chairs and washrooms. Both front and rear access to the stage is available. The shell-covered stage is approximately 35' wide X 24' deep with cement flooring.

The venue can be booked by any non-profit organization. Please review the applications and guidelines below if you are interested in holding an event at the Bandshell.

Sound System Specifications:

  • 24 channel Yamaha mixer
  • 2 weather proof Bose full range speakers plus speaker control
  • 16 channel snake with 16 XLR sends and 8 XLR returns
  • 1 Denon Dual CD Player
  • 9 microphones
  • 2 stage monitors

Application & Guidelines:

Venue Information

Free Summer Programming

Each spring and summer the City of Victoria offers free summer programming at the Cameron Bandshell.  This year, programing runs June - September.  Learn more.

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