Centennial Square

Every great city has a dynamic public square where people of all ages gather for quiet contemplation, play or celebrations.

For the City of Victoria, that gathering place is Centennial Square, located next to Victoria's heritage City Hall at Douglas Street and Pandora Avenue, in the north end of downtown. The square features a fountain, benches and curved steps, surrounded with trees and planters.

Summer Events in Centennial Square

If you're looking for summer events in Centennial Square, head to CityVibe- your guide to summer fun.

Booking Centennial Square

The City of Victoria requires that anyone planning an outdoor Festival, Celebration or Event on City property including streets, sidewalks and other public space have a City permit for the event. Events must not compromise the safety of participants or the public and must be approved in advance by the City.

Step by Step Application Process

Step 1:
Make contact with Arts and Culture Division and/or submit an application form. Please ensure that you have read and understood the Centennial Square Event Guidelines.

Step 2:
The Arts and Culture Division office will check the calendar and confirm availability of dates.

Step 3:
Depending on the complexity of the event, or issues arising with a past event, different types of review are required. Additional details may be required about program activities, production schedule, site layout, food and merchandise sales, vehicle access/use and public health and safety services before approval is given. You may be asked to supply documentation such as proof of licensing, insurance, and other legal requirements. City of Victoria staff will inform you if other City divisions or government agencies will need to be notified.

Step 4:
Once all the required information and approvals have been received, a signed permit will be issued to confirm the event and all approved activities. You are required to keep City staff informed of any changes as the event develops.

Step 5:
Event Time!

Step 6:
You will be given post event feedback form to fill out. The information captured will assist in planning future events.

Application Forms