Special Event Permits

Victoria is a vibrant city which hosts a range of events, from world-class competitions and festivals to neighbourhood block parties and weddings.

If you would like to stage your event in the City of Victoria, you'll need to submit a permit application depending on the type of event you plan to host. Please make sure to read the appropriate event guidelines below prior to completing an event permit application.

Special Event Permit

Please submit this application if you are planning an event open to the public in Victoria that is not a block party, a wedding, a private event, or in Beacon Hill Park.  If organizing any of the aforementioned, please continue reading.

Additional (optional) Forms:

*Please note that Special Event Permit Applications require 4-6 weeks advance notice*
The following resources, forms and links may assist you in completing a Special Event Permit Application:

Related Bylaws, Guidelines and Policies, and other helpful links:

Noise Bylaw Exemption

In addition to your event application, the Noise Bylaw Exemption Application must be submitted if your event's sound levels may disturb residents or merchants.

Beacon Hill Park

Events at the Cameron Bandshell and within Beacon Hill Park are subject to the Beacon Hill Park policy, and have a separate application form.

Block Party Permit

Many of Victoria's neighbourhoods enjoy hosting a block party to celebrate a special occasion or milestone. To ensure there is appropriate coordination and planning, we require that anyone planning a block party on City streets, sidewalks or other public space has a permit. The information below will assist you in completing the Block Party Permit Application. Upon approval of your application, a permit to hold your Block Party will be issued free of charge. Block Party Applications require four weeks advance notice.

Wedding Permit for Parks

City parks provide a beautiful setting for a wedding. Some popular wedding locations include Laurel Point Park; Stone Bridge, the Rose Garden and the Wagon Wheel in Beacon Hill Park, and Stadacona Park.

A Wedding Permit Application must be submitted to the Parks division at least six weeks prior to your requested date. The applicant must obtain and maintain comprehensive insurance coverage naming the City of Victoria as an insured indemnified party. If you do not have insurance, insurance can be purchased through the City at the time of permit application.

For more information and rates, contact the Parks and Recreation Division at 250.361.0361 or email us.

Park Permit

Victoria parks provide natural settings for picnics and small group gatherings. A Parks Permit cover private gatherings, not public events.

Poster Cylinders

There are many poster cylinders located on downtown lamp standards to provide event organizers an opportunity to display their event posters. Click here for more information on poster cylinders