Inaugural Poet Laureate

Carla Funk

Local poet, Carla Funk, was honoured to serve a two-and-a-half-year term as the City of Victoria's first Poet Laureate from June 2006 to November 30, 2008.

During Carla Funk's term she accomplished the following:

  • Represented the City of Victoria honourably, using the title of Poet Laureate and poetry to bring members of the community together
  • Participated in annual City of Victoria events and promoted poetry to Victoria neighbourhoods, schools and gathering places
  • Acknowledged the incredibly talented poets who make Victoria their home
  • Challenged false assumptions about poetry – that it is a high-brow art form for only the well-educated
  • Developed ideas to demonstrate that poetry is a primal, natural act - that it can heal, be funny, warm and moving, and accessible to the listener 

Poems written by Carla Funk during her term as City of Victoria Poet Laureate:




Capital Verse was a "virtual" initiative of the City's Inaugural Poet Laureate, Carla Funk, (2006 – 2008), together with the City of Victoria and the Greater Victoria Public Library. Each month, Carla Funk introduced a Victoria area poet, featured links to their books, and shared some of their thoughts about poetry on the Greater Victoria Public Library website. Some of the poets profiled include Wendy Morton, Linda Rogers, Lorna Crozier, Steven Price and John Barton.