Twihaikus - Poetry Month 2016

Check out the twihaikus that local poets and the community have shared with us @CityofVictoria in celebration of National Poetry Month. 


walk the path – Cook
to Breakwater; words, dusk’s birds,
that flutter past, blaze....

-- Yvonne Blomer -- Victoria's Poet Laureate ‏@YYJPoetry  


Old City
     melting beneath shining new towers
Beside the Selkirk Trestle,
     Seals hunt fish, birds fly
-- Stuart Hertzog  


spring moon/ the warmth of his hand/ on my hip

-- Terry Ann Carter @terryann_carter


In Beacon Hill park
Cherry blossoms fall like snow
Ice cream with sprinkles

-- Sandra Lee @trusting365  


Victoria is
a city name with many,
many syllables.

-- Kevin Spenst @kevinspenst


My small eyes sparkled
over miniature world’s
billowing grandeur

-- Kevin Spenst @kevinspenst


Trampoline, slide, fig tree, kale
the day greets
in the objects du jour (this one is a lune)

-- Yvonne Blomer -- Victoria's Poet Laureate ‏@YYJPoetry 


Tourists and locals
Cheer the Buskers Festival -
Symphony's a splash @victoriabuskers

-- Sandra Lee @trusting365  


Walking Dallas Road,
Cycling the Galloping Goose,
Hiking Mt Doug Park

-- Sandra Lee @trusting365


Oh you flirt/ in your cherry petal lace/ your eau de Pacifique.

-- Yvonne Blomer -- Victoria's Poet Laureate ‏@YYJPoetry 


Sharing a meal with a jackdaw,
he picks at naan, I eat curry
Table for two

-- Barbara Pelman


Toes balance on stones
Along Dallas Road shores,
where clouds kiss mountain tops

-- Ann-Bernice Thomas @annbernicet


Eagles at Swan Lake
Find sanctuary and rest
My spirit concurs

-- Sandra Lee @trusting365


scented from its bath
holds you
back slightly as you walk
your feet clumsy bees
bumbling in blossom fall

-- Grace Cockburn @GracelCockburn


Morning dawns in blue sky peek-a-boo.
Lavender and apple blossom
wafting through the streets.

-- Janis La Couvée @lacouvee


muffled in fog,
my city slowly awakes,
pushes back the covers to allow sunshine in.

-- Janis La Couvée @lacouvee


Pipe dreams,
poems rise from residue in the bowl
where the dragon sleeps.

-- Linda Rogers, Second Victoria Poet Laureate


Hunting for morels/the burn site still smelling fresh/of fire and rain

-- Christine Walde @ChristineWalde


The juggler on Yates
holds plum blossoms, throws them high;
we imagine spring.

-- Wendy Morton


Charlie's Trail
Ferns follow the creek/ Sunlight streams down/ Peace awaits me here

-- Sandra Lee ‏@trusting365


Winding along the Gorge
People walking, dogs sniffing,
Flowers blossoming

-- Sandra Lee ‏@trusting365


I am only one
So many came before me
Making a place here

-- Janet Rogers, Third Victoria Poet Laureate


Pollen everywhere.
Allergies are acting up.
At least it's not snow! 

-- Josh Hylden @MysteriousJosh 


Lots of rust on bridge.
Replacement long overdue.
Built before collapse?

-- Josh Hylden @MysteriousJosh 


Waterly the rocks sing
under morning sun
hummingbird, between breaths, still.

-- Yvonne Blomer -- Victoria's Poet Laureate ‏@YYJPoetry 

City of flowers
your petals electrify

-- Carla Funk -- Inaugural Victoria Poet Laureate @carlafunk


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