1-877-2BE-CALM Project

Dial 1-877-223-2256 to bring calmness to your day.

The City of Victoria’s Artist-in-Residence, Kathryn Calder, with the help of Emily Hamel and free services provided by TELUS, has created 1-877-2BE-CALM, a toll-free telephone number to bring calmness and joy to your day.

The project is designed to bring soothing auditory experiences to individuals in the Greater Victoria Area and across Canada. The phone line has a wide variety of comforting and joyful content featuring calming nature sounds, stories, meditations, music, poetry and children’s laughter. 


Dial 1-877-2BE-CALM (1-877-223-2256) on your phone to experience the latest recordings in this project or listen to all audio files below. Press 1 to 9 to explore each menu option. Each channel will automatically repeat. If you would like to choose a different menu option, please redial, and choose another channel.

Press 1 for B.C. Nature Sounds


Humpback Whales | Read transcript

Birdsong | Read transcript

Northern Resident Orcas | Read transcript


Press 2 for Indigenous Stories


 Adelyn Newman-Ting | Read transcript

May Sam | Read transcript

Dylan Thomas | Read transcript


Press 3 for Poetry


James Summer | Read transcript

Neko Smart | Read transcript

John Barton | Read transcript


Appuyer sur 4 pour poésie en français/Press 4 for Francophone Poetry


Michael Cameron | Read transcript

Normand Hébert | Read transcript

Thérèse Bussières | Read transcript


Press 5 for Contemporary Music


 Dana Sipos | Read transcript

Matt Stern | Read transcript.

Kathryn Calder | Read transcript


Press 6 for Instrumental Music


Alison Vardy | Read transcript

Shoko Inoue | Read transcript

Hale & Hearty | Read transcript 


Press 7 for Children's Voices


James Bay Community School | Read transcript

Jokes: Silas, Ozzie, Ren, Aria, Ben & Thomas | Read transcript

Laughter: Owen (6), Arthur (2), Davey (almost 3), Emmie (1.5), Ruby (6), Owen (3), August (10 months), and Owen (3) |  Read Transcript


Press 8 for Guided Meditation


 Michelle Gaucher | Read transcript

Stefanie Miska | Read transcript

Dr. Rachel Worth-Cappell | Read transcript


Press 9 for Ambient Music


Matthew Cardinal | Read transcript

Crystal Dorval  | Read transcript

Matthew Cardinal | Read transcript


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Thank you to TELUS for making this project possible.

Kathryn Calder would also like to thank Emily Hamel, Katherine van der Gracht, Colin Stewart, Christine Boutillier, Dominique Hamel, Anne-Marie Stewart, Kate Todoruk, Ženija Esmits, Dr. John Ford.