Commercial Alley

In June 2014, a new outdoor art gallery was established in Commercial Alley to add vitality to this historic area and corridor used by local businesses and pedestrians. Located between the 500 Block of Yates and Bastion Square, the outdoor gallery allows for four, 1.2-metre x 2.4-metre panels, showcasing a temporary art installation annually.

Commercial Alley is a City of Victoria public art initiative that provides a place for artistic and creative expression by local artists. Previous installations have featured original artwork by Other (a.k.a. Troy Lovegates), Roy Green, Liz P. Dempsey, Daniel Ellingsen, Kai Choufour, Austin Clay Willis, Fern Long and Evan Locke.

Eliska Liska (2022-2023)

Artist Eliska Liska’s project "Feeling Fuzzy Inside" is a series of panels representing music, thoughts and words, movement, and art. The work recognizes young people and their passions that can move mountains.

Originally from the Czech Republic, Eliska spent five years touring around Europe and Mexico, leaving a trail of murals behind her. She works in many different mediums, including painting, pottery, printing, drawing, digital illustration, felting and murals. She completed her Master's degree in Contemporary Art and New Media from Ostrava University in 2008, and now lives in Victoria, BC.

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