Commute: A Bus Shelter Art Exhibition

Artwork Showcased in Victoria's Commute

Six downtown bus shelters now showcase art in Victoria’s Commute exhibit, a series of original artworks by local, emerging artists.

A pilot project in partnership with PATTISON Outdoor Advertising, Commute will exhibit up to 18 artworks on downtown bus shelters from now until the end of June 2019.

The Commute bus shelter exhibit provides emerging artists the opportunity to participate in public art and exhibit their artworks in Victoria. The temporary installation is designed to encourage dialogue and new ways of thinking about neighbourhoods and public spaces, inspire local artists, and cultivate future public artists and audiences.

Featured artists will include: Margaret Briere, Dan Eastabrook, Alysha Farling, Kerri Flannigan, Emily Geen, Christoph James, Mike Lathrop, Amber Lomax, Renée Nault, Libby Oliver, Peruzzo, Shawn Pomeroy, Gillian Staples, Austin Willis, and Eriq Wong.

The artworks will rotate every four months. The first set will be displayed from July to October 2018; the second set from November 2018 to February 2019, and the third set from March – June 2019.

Check Out the Art!

The second set of six artworks (in five locations) is now installed on bus shelters in downtown Victoria:

  • Beaver Lake: The Pathway by KI Peruzzo –Yates and Broad Streets
  • Dallas Road, The Olympic Mountains by KI Peruzzo – Yates and Broad Streets
  • The House of Rough Exteriors by Alysha Farling – Yates Street between Blanshard and Quadra Streets
  • Dragonfly by Shawn Pomeroy – Johnson and Quadra Streets
  • Ink in Water Number 4 by Dan Eastabrook – Yates and Ormond Streets
  • The Call by Amber Lomax – Yates Street between Camosun Street and Fernwood Road

Artist Bios

KI Peruzzo (ABOVE: Beaver Lake: The Pathway, RIGHT: Dallas Road, The Olympic Mountains)
KI Peruzzo is an international scholar, artist and photographer of Indigenous ancestry from Uberlândia (MG) Brazil currently living in Victoria, B.C. Canada.  He has a Bachelors of Art in Phychology and is currently pursuing a Masters of Social Dimensions of Health with a focus on visual arts, film, mixed media and Indigenous research methadologies. In his work, Peruzzo examines the concepts of self, identity and wellness in relation to land, place and belonging, and remains grounded in community-led engagement, Indigenous research and visual methods.  He exercises mixed multi-media mediums of knowledge production using a convergence of scholarship, photography and land-based learning to inspire critical consiousness, inter-cultural theory of identity, relationship and wellness.

Alysha Farling (The House of Rough Exteriors)
Alysha is a visual artist from Vancouver Island.  After finishing high school, she went on to complete the Art Diploma program at Camosun College before majoring in drawing and painting  at Concordia University, graduating in 2013 with distinction.  After university, she switched her focus to sculpture and creating installations in Montreal, Ottawa, Argentina, Vancovuer and Victoria.  She has completed two residencies and has published a book of her work.  She is currently living and working out of her home studio in Victoria.

Shawn Pomeroy (Dragonfly) 
Shawn Pomeroy is an abstract artist from Victoria, BC. His interest in art came in late 2010 when he was given a canvas as a gift. At the time he was an industrial yacht painter, so the pallet knives he would use to shape surfaces during the day would become the tools he would use to apply acrylic paint to canvas at night. A self-taught artist, his style evolved largely by trial and error. First applying tubes of un-thinned acrylic paint to a canvas, then repeatedly wet mixing with straight edges until a pleasing balance of colors slowly began to emerge.This technique and process are what lend to the depth, originality and striking effect of a Shawn Pomeroy abstract painting.

Dan Eastabrook (Ink in Water Number 4)
Dan Eastabrook has been interested in photography since he got his first digital camera in his early teens, and when he studied dark room photography in high school. After his education at the Western Academy of Photography, he has continued in a number of genres, including portrait, wedding, street, and fine art.

Amber Lomax (The Call)
Amber moved to Canada in 2010 and began working primarily as an artist.  She has been working on a series of dreamscapes using personal symbols from her dream life.  Focusing on dream imagery has been a means to better understand herself and look deeper into some of the universal symbols that connect us all.  In her practice, she embraces a number of materials and techniques, including acrylics, oils and sculpture. 


The Commute public art exhibit was developed in response to input the City received during engagement on its Create Victoria Arts and Culture Master Plan last year, when emerging artists asked for more opportunities to participate in and exhibit their art in Victoria.

The Commute call to artists invited emerging, Indigenous, and multicultural artists in the Capital Region to submit up to five suitable existing artworks, or create new artwork for consideration. Artworks were selected by jury. Artists will be paid a fee of $500 per image displayed.                                                                   

Selection Process
Artists were chosen through a one-stage jury process. The Selection Committee included artists, design professionals, community members, and a representative of the Art in Public Places Committee. The Selection Committee was facilitated by City staff but the final decision was that of the Selection Committee.

Proposals were to be emailed to by 4 p.m. Pacific Time on Monday, April 9, 2018.

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