Commute: A Bus Shelter Art Exhibition

The City of Victoria and PATTISON Outdoor Advertising is proud to present a unique, high profile art opportunity for artists, craftspeople and artisans residing in the Capital Regional District including the Gulf Islands.

Six downtown bus shelters now showcase art in Victoria’s Commute exhibit, a series of original artworks by local, emerging artists and artists who don't see themselves currently represented in the City’s Public Art collection.

A project in partnership with PATTISON Outdoor Advertising, Commute will display works on bus shelter transit posters throughout the City of Victoria. Up to 12 artists' works will be shown on six bus shelter transit posters in two rounds of four months each from June 2020 to December 2020.

The Commute bus shelter exhibit provides emerging artists the opportunity to participate in public art and exhibit their artworks in Victoria. The temporary installation is designed to encourage dialogue and new ways of thinking about neighbourhoods and public spaces, inspire local artists, and cultivate future public artists and audiences.

The selected artists were chosen by a selection panel of local creative professionals and a menber of the Art in Public Places Committee.

Featured artists include: Debra Bernier, Jaron Gavilan, Maureen Hourigan, Alex Jensen, Samantha Jensson, Leah Mcinnis, Diego Narvaez, Lou-ann Neel, Esther Parker, Tanya Steinhausen, April Winter and Chin Yuen. 

The artworks will rotate in September. The first set will be displayed from June to September 2020 and the second set from September 2020 to December 2020.

Check Out the Art!

The first set of six artworks (in five locations) is now installed on bus shelters in downtown Victoria:

  1. Sunrise to Sunset by Lou-ann Neel –Yates and Broad Streets
  2. Behind Representation by Diego Narvaez – Yates and Broad Streets
  3. Summer Retreat by Tanya Steinhausen – Yates Street between Blanshard and Quadra Streets
  4. Consolidation by Esther Parker – Johnson and Quadra Streets
  5. Orange You Glad by Samantha Jenssen – Yates and Ormond Streets
  6. Pine Cones by Jaron Gavilan – Yates Street between Camosun Street and Fernwood Road

Artist Bios & Artwork Descriptions

Lou-ann Ika'wega Neel, Kwakwaka’wakw Artist 

Sunrise to Sunset, 2019, vector graphic design 
Lou-ann's English name is Lou-ann Neel, and she's from the MamalilikullaMa’amtagila, and Da’naxda’xw on  hermum’s side of the family; and Kwickwasutaineuk, ‘Namgis and Kwagiulth on her dad’s side of the family. She comes from a rich history of artists on both sides of her family, and has been practicing in Kwakwaka’wakw design for over forty years. Lou-ann started in drawing and painting, and became very interested in learning to make traditional regalia such as button blankets made from wool fabric adorned with mother of pearl buttons, and dance capes made from deer and elk hide. She focused the next 25 years on textile works, including contemporary clothing and in the last two years, she's been apprenticing in wood carving. 

Sunrise to Sunset: Lou-ann loves both the sunrise and sunset in Victoria, and appreciates the beauty of the natural world revealed by the sun and the moon.  

Follow Lou-ann on Instagram: @louann_neel

Diego Narvaez

Behind Representation, 2012, oil on canvas
Diego was born in Mexico City and moved to Sooke, BC in May 2019. His work focuses on landscape painting while creating visual metaphors of how we, as society, construct reality through sight and how this affects our relationship with the environment. Collectively, he has participated in exhibitions in USA, Argentina, Canada and Mexico. He obtained the first prize in Mexico’s Landscape Painting Biennial Luis Nishizawa in 2017. He is now steadily building his art career in BC. 

Behind Representation: This large painting is a metaphor of reality as a simulation, as if all we see is only but a representation. Behind an abandoned theatre come a cumulous of ominous clouds, and behind them all black curtains of this huge stage which we call reality. 

Check out Diego's work here and follow him on Instagram: @diegonarvaez

Tanya Steinhausen 

Summer Retreat, 2019, marker on paper 
Tanya was born in 1975 in Vancouver BC and has been creating artwork from the moment she could hold a pencil. Highly inspired by multicultural aesthetics across the globe, Tanya’s work is an exploration of pattern, colour and expressive compositions. She works diligently as an artist studying and researching her subjects. This motivates her to paint and draw landscapes, abstracts and decorative motifs. Tanya is interested in creating art that evokes happiness within the viewer.   

Summer Retreat is part of a series illustrating Tanya's memories of spending time with her family on a houseboat in Fisherman's Wharf in the summer and vacationing in a cottage on one of the Gulf islands in autumn. 

Esther Parker 

Consolidation, 2016, pen and ink wash on paper 
Esther's drawings reflect her interest in the powerful forces that shape our landscapes.
 Some of her earliest memories are of car trips to her grandmother’s home in England, during which her parents discussed the geology of the countryside. As a result, Esther developed an interest in landscapes that led her to study geography at the University of Victoria. Today, she uses tools from this discipline to explore her current home - British Columbia. Esther’s work has been exhibited at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, the Sooke Fine Art Show, the Sidney Fine Art Show, Xchanges Gallery, and arc·hive. 

Consolidation is based on a landform that is made from a debris flow - a mass of loose mud, sand, rock, and water that travels down a slope under the influence of gravity. I use stylized wave-like geological map symbols to convey the movement of material that resulted in this landform. 

Check out Esther's work here and follow her on Instagram: @estherjparker 

Samantha Jensson

Orange You Glad, 2019, sculpture
Samantha moved to Pender Island at the age of six. From there she moved around and lived in Victoria, Vancouver, Saltspring, Port Alberni and Tofino. She now resides in Victoria, BC. This array of moving while growing up created disorder in her social and home life. She finds comfort expressing disorder through the medium of sculpture. Her practice is about an expression of feeling, since she can never seem to find the right language to express what she feels.

Orange you Glad is a leather mold containing concrete that were held in draino for multiple days. The affect was the destruction of the leather exposing the concrete. Held on top of a hand mand box shelf.

Follow Samantha on Instagram: @samjensson

Jaron Gavilan

Pine Cones, 2019, marker on paper
Jaron is a contemporary artist born and raised in Victoria BC. His colourful creations pay homage to both the natural world and the landscapes within his imagination. Vivid scenery, vivacious animals and botanicals, and everyday objects are brought to life with contrasting colours, illustrative line work and harmonious shapes. His unique personal style emanates the funny side of life and he is able to capture different emotions with his drawings.  

Pine Cones: A whimsical rendition illustrating the ambience within a pine cone forest on the coast of British Columbia. 


The Commute public art exhibit was developed in response to input the City received during engagement on its Create Victoria Arts and Culture Master Plan, when emerging artists asked for more opportunities to participate in and exhibit their art in Victoria.

The Commute call to artists invited emerging, Indigenous, multicultural artists and artists who don’t see themselves currently represented in the public art collection, to submit up to five suitable existing artworks, or create new artwork for consideration. Artworks were selected by Selection Panel. This competition was open to artists and artist teams residing in the Capital Region, including the Gulf Islands.

Selection Process

Artists were chosen through a one-stage jury process. The Selection Committee included artists, design professionals, community members, and a representative of the Art in Public Places Committee. The Selection Committee was facilitated by City staff but the final decision was that of the Selection Committee.

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