Indigenous Performance Showcase

Pendulum: An Indigenous Showcase

Belfry Theatre       
1291 Gladstone Avenue 

Show Times:
Friday, February 23, 7:30 p.m. - 9 p.m.            
Saturday, February 24, 1:30 p.m. - 3 p.m.    
Saturday, February 24, 7:30 p.m. - 9 p.m.

Group tickets eligible for a 50% discount; see below for details.

About Pendulum

Thank you to everyone who attended Pendulum! City of Victoria Indigenous Artist in Residence Lindsay Delaronde partnered with the Belfry Theatre to present Pendulum: An Indigenous Showcase, which featured traditional and contemporary multidisciplinary performances by Indigenous artists and groups from across Canada in February.

Pendulum – An Indigenous Showcase included the following performances:

  • Lekwungen Dancers, a dance group from the Songhees Nation performing a traditional Paddle Welcome Song, handed down to them by Songhees elder, Flora Joseph;
  • Ohen:ton Kariwentehkhwa, an Iroquois giving of thanks;
  • Breath in the Land, a contemporary local territorial acknowledgement of welcome and holding of space;
  • ANSWER, an all-female drum group who has been singing and sharing traditional songs throughout the community in order to keep tradition alive;
  • Rage Flowers, a contemporary duet exploring decolonizing of the body through rage;
  • Kwak'kwak'kuwak Drum Group, a family drum group sharing its origin story through voice, dance and poetry;
  • Pendulum, a solo piece performed by Lindsay Delaronde in memorial of her late partner, Geoggrey Goodson.  This solo performance expresses the journey of love, loss, death and rebirth;
  • Ahousat, a Bear Song composed by Guy Louis Jr. and performed by members of the Nuuchanulth community, narrating the struggle and conflict of a man and bear before they unite as one;
  • Closing Prayer, in which two rival tricksters from Mi'kmaq folklore convey the reality of painful truths, the devastation from trauma, the beauty of healing, and the individuals that make up community.

Pendulum represented not only the oscillation between life and death, love and sorrow, joy and pain, but also the pendulum that swings between traditional and contemporary forms of performance. The range of performance and music styles was designed to create a sensory, transformative experience for the audience – triggering body memory and interconnectivity.


Tickets were $30 and could be purchased at the Belfry Theatre box office at 1291 Gladstone Avenue or online at Tickets bought in groups of four or more were eligible for a 50% discount when purchased at the Belfry Theatre box office in person or by phone (250.385.6815).  To receive the discount, quote the code, "Pendulum50."  Please note that the discount was not able to be applied for online purchases due to system limitations. 

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