Storefronts Victoria Exhibition Program

Credit: Storefronts Seattle / Andrew Pogue

Call to Artists – Apply to City’s New Storefronts Victoria Exhibition Program

Artists and designers in the Capital Region, including the Gulf Islands, are invited to submit their application to be considered for the City of Victoria’s new Storefronts Victoria Exhibition Program.

Working with the business community, the City has identified a number of vacant storefront windows available to provide new opportunities to showcase the artistic talent in the local arts community. Artists working with visual or new medias including but not limited to printmaking, fibre arts, mixed media, photography, video, light installations, and conceptual work are invited to apply.

Submissions for the Storefronts Victoria Exhibition Program is a two-stage process. Artists will be assessed on concept, execution and how their exhibit appeals to a diverse audience. Artwork should be innovative, dynamic and can utilize display windows to their fullest potential and engage the public both during the day and at night.

Deadline to Apply

Submission Deadline: Tuesday, October 15, 2019 at 4 p.m. Pacific Time

Proposals must be submitted online. Applications and supporting documents must be uploaded electronically at Hard copies will not be accepted.

Opportunity Overview

This is a two-stage competition. In stage one, artists are invited to submit their portfolio and support materials for consideration. A jury appointed by the Art in Public Places Committee will select a shortlist of artists to invite to stage two of the competition. In stage two artists will be asked to submit a concept proposal from which the jury will make recommendations on a roster of concepts for installation as vacant spaces become available. An honorarium will be provided to develop your stage two proposal and concept. 

Site Considerations

Selected applicants will develop site-specific concepts for spaces pre-selected by the City of Victoria.   

The City cannot guarantee any specific property, or time frame for placement due to the ever-changing real estate landscape in downtown Victoria.  City staff will match proposals with available spaces at the City’s sole discretion and in consultation with the artist and property manager/owner.

Content must be suitable for the general public.   


This competition is open to artists* working in visual and/or media arts, who are residents of the Capital Regional District (including the Gulf Islands).  

*The Public Art Policy defines an artist as “any person, who by virtue of professional training, exhibition history and/or critical review is recognized as skilled in making works of art.” (UNESCO)

We encourage a diversity of applicants, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, disability, socio-economic status, class, and religion. 

All materials required for installations are the responsibility of the artist. This includes hanging hardware, temporary walls, tools, ladders, and any other materials that are required to safely and completely install the artwork.  Artists are responsible for ensuring they have the required insurance in place prior to installation.   

Selection Criteria and Process
An artist’s Expression of Interest will be evaluated on the basis of: 

  1. Artistic merit of the artwork proposed.  Work that is strong in concept and execution, appealing to a diverse audience. 
  2. Work that is high quality, dynamic and can utilize display windows to their fullest potential and engage the public both during the day and night time.   
  3. Appropriateness to the site (urban downtown streetscape) 
  4. Technical feasibility – can the work be built and/or displayed as designed 
    - Ability of the artist to complete the work as submitted
    - Think Big!!  Innovative in concept and execution 

A selection panel of qualified individuals will review the expressions based on the project objectives and selection criteria.  

Expressions of Interest


  1. Contact and Check List Form
  2. Written Expression of Interest (1 page maximum)
  3. Biography, Resume or Curriculum Vitae
  4. Portfolio and Artistic Support Material 
    Submit examples, images and/or video of your previous work. Please submit a maximum of 10 original works, which could include:
    - Images
    - Audio and/or video
  5. Material Documentation List
    Complete documentation list to accompany your Portfolio and/or Artistic Support Materials. 
  6. Important Notes
    Organize your submission into individual JPG or PDF files. Each file has a maximum size of 50MB. You will upload each file individually.
    - Uploading large documents may take significant time, depending on the size of the files(s) and your Internet connection speed. Allocate sufficient time for all uploads to complete prior to closing time. The City will not be liable for any delay for any reason including technological delays, or issues by either party’s network. The City will not be liable for any damages associated with applications not received prior to the closing time. 
    - The City is using BonfireHub public portal for the submission process.  Please contact Bonfire at for technical questions related to submitting your documents. 

Short listed artists and/or artist teams will receive a $250 honorarium to develop the stage two application which will include:

Written description of the proposed artwork (Maximum 1000 words) 

  • Brief conceptual statement  
  • Specific technical and space requirements 
  • Timeline required to prepare your project (30 – 45 days suggested) 
  • Sketch of the installation in a hypothetical space 

 Successful artists in Stage Two will receive an honorarium to install the exhibition. 

How to Apply

For detailed submission requirements and further background information, please read the Call to Artists below:

For more information, please email