Commemorative Envelope and Picture Postage™ Stamp

To mark the City of Victoria's 150th anniversary of incorporation, Canada Post created a commemorative envelope and Picture Postage™ stamp. Both items are available for purchase through Canada Post.

How to Order the Commemorative Envelope

The City of Victoria 150th Anniversary Commemorative Envelope features a stunning photo of Victoria at night, with city lights reflecting in the water. The dates “1862-2012” at the bottom left corner are a reminder of this special anniversary.

he envelope bears a pre-printed Picture Postage™ stamp featuring the “Victoria 150” logo, a bold white “150” on a black background.

The back features text and an archival background image about Victoria's history.

The date of issue is Thursday, August 2, 2012, and a total of 10,000 envelopes have been printed. A commemorative envelope costs $3 and the Product No. is 341868.

To order the City of Victoria 150th Anniversary Commemorative Envelope, please call the National Philatelic Centre at Canada Post at 1.800.565.4362, weekdays from 8a.m. - 7p.m. Eastern Standard Time, or you can order online. Enter in the product number 341868 on the "Search" line.

How to Order the Picture Postage™ Stamp

The "City of Victoria - 150th Anniversary" Picture Postage™ Stamp is real postage and can be used on a regular envelope.

Each stamp is always valued at the current domestic rate. This means a single Picture Postage™ stamp gets your letter (up to 30 grams) delivered anywhere in Canada, no matter what the current domestic postage rate may be. If you wish to send an oversize letter or package -- or send mail to the United States or overseas -- you'll need to include additional postage.

The stamps are available in sheets of 20 (includes a bonus stamp and souvenir enlargement) and 40 stamps. 

To order the City of Victoria - 150th anniversary Picture Postage™ Stamp, please call Canada Post at 1.866.742.7678. Please allow approximately 15 business days to receive your order.

About Mailing Picture Postage™ Stamps

When mailing letters with Picture Postage™ stamps, it's a good idea to bring the letter to a Post Office. Ask counter staff to:

1) Hand-cancel the stamps carefully, and
2) Identify your envelopes for the manual sort stream in Canada Post's mechanized plants using a philatelic mail wrapper.

While not a guarantee, identifying your letter in this way may help avoid incurring a second, machine-made cancellation mark that might obscure the image in your Picture Postage™ stamp. If your letters are posted at a street letterbox, they will be machine cancelled.

For more information, visit: or contact a Canada Post Customer Service Representative via email at or call from 9 a.m. - 6 p.m Eastern Standard Time at 1.866.742.7678.