Emergency Preparedness Workshop

Date & Time: January 20, 2020 (12:00pm - 1:30pm)

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Location: Victoria City Hall, Antechamber

Are you prepared for an emergency? Register for a free, 90-minute workshop to learn what it will take for you and your family to be prepared for a power outage, winter storm or a natural disaster such as an earthquake or tsunami. Depending on the emergency, your family needs to be prepared with enough food, water, medication and supplies to cope up to seven days without outside assistance.

Learn about the hazards that can affect Victoria, what to include in your home emergency kit, what you can do to minimize injury and protect your home from an earthquake, and how to reunite with loved ones after a disaster.

To register for this free workshop, call 250.920.3373 or e-mail emvic@victoria.ca

For more tips on what to include in an emergency kit: www.VictoriaReady.ca.