Hoarding Peer Support Group

Date & Time: January 22 - 22, 2020 (3:00pm - 4:00pm)

Category: Educational and Training (See all events in this category)

Location: Eric Martin Pavilion, 2334 Trent Street, Room 601b

The Hoarding Education and Action Team (HEAT) offers a drop-in, peer-support group twice a month to help people overcome clutter issues.

Learn more about this non-judgmental, supportive peer group, where members can share their struggles, strategies and victories with other community members. The group is facilitated by peers who share their tips and tools for dealing with the emotional and physical aspects of a cluttered  home. Additional support from clinical staff of Island Health  (HEAT members) is available when appropriate.

If you (or a family member, friend or neighbour) are struggling with clutter, and would like  to see what this group can offer, please join us. For more information, visit: www.victoria.ca/hoarding

The HEAT Hotline is 250.361.0227.