Sports Fields

The City is proud to operate and maintain 20 sports fields:

  • 1 Field Hockey
  • 1 Cricket Pitch
  • 2 Granular based soccer fields (inclement weather fields)
  • 2 Rugby Fields
  • 11 Soccer Fields
  • 23 Ball Diamonds
  • 1 Artificial Turf Field

All of our fields are "multi-use fields". This means that our ball diamonds are situated in the corner(s) of either soccer or rugby fields.

Field Status

Find out the current condition of a playing field here.

Field Permits Now Available 

Field permits can be issued to local sport organizations. Here’s what we need if you’re interested in booking: 

  1. Fill out this form

  1. Attach your Provincial Sport Organization Return to Sport Plan 

  1. Attach your COVID-19 Exposure Control Plan 

  1. Send your forms to  

For any questions or assistance, contact us 

COVID-19 Rules of Play
  • Practice physical distancing (2 metres)
  • Wash your hands before and after
  • Come back later if it seems too busy
  • Do not share equipment
  • Lessons and league play require a City permit
  • Leave facility immediately after use