Sports Fields

The City is proud to operate and maintain 20 sports fields:

  • 1 Field Hockey
  • 1 Cricket Pitch
  • 2 Granular based soccer fields (inclement weather fields)
  • 2 Rugby Fields
  • 11 Soccer Fields
  • 23 Ball Diamonds
  • 1 Artificial Turf Field

All of our fields are "multi-use fields". This means that our ball diamonds are situated in the corner(s) of either soccer or rugby fields.

Field Status

Find out the current condition of a playing field here.

Booking a Field

We strive to ensure that all permits for regulation-sized City sports fields are allocated fairly, to maximize public use while allowing teams and leagues a consistent location to carry out regular scheduled play.
To ensure fair use of sports fields for organized play, any team or league that wishes to use a field must obtain a "Park Use Permit". Please read below for information on how to apply. 
Unorganized games or "pick up games" do not require a Park Permit.

Permit Application

Submit an application for Park Use Permit to the Permit Clerk, Recreation Division.

Your application should include:

  • The date, time play is requested 
  • The location and name of desired Sport Field 
  • Proof of comprehensive coverage of not less than $3,000,000.00 insurance naming the City of Victoria as additional insured.

Permitting Process

Permits will be issued by the Permit Clerk, Recreation Division, under the direction of the Manager, Recreation Division.

  • First priority given to requests from organizations/teams who held the permit for the date/time /field in the previous year.
  • Where allocation of a playing field has no priority, permits will be issued according to the date that the written requests were received in the Recreation Office. 
  • Written requests for City Ball Diamonds will be received during the month of January. 
  • Written requests for City Rugby/Soccer fields will be received between June 1 to 30. 
  • A memo will be mailed to previous tournament and scheduled users reminding them of their need to reapply for the new season. Failure to reply by the date requested will result in loss of usage. It will then go to the next name on a waiting list.
  • Each organization/team that has historic priority for a tournament has first refusal for the equivalent weekend at the same sports field the following year. First refusal in this instance is only if the appropriate written request is submitted. 
  • Beer garden request will be issued to those teams in good standing who have applied as outlined above and have historic priority. All requests are subject to the "Beer Garden Policy" as approved by Council. Any requests for exemptions to the beer garden policy will be directed to Committee of the Whole for a decision. 
  • A league schedule must be delivered to the Permit Clerk, Recreation Division, before the start of regular season play. 
  • The City cannot guarantee that all requests for playing time will be fulfilled. 
  • All permits must be signed and one copy must be returned to the Recreation Division at 2275 Quadra Street to deem the permit valid. 
  • All outstanding invoices must be paid in full before new permits being allocated. 
  • In addition to all the permit requirements, any league requesting use of a Park to host Cup Games or International Matches must make the following arrangements:
    1. Make written submission to the Permit Clerk, Recreation Division, to host the tournament naming the location date and time of the event.
    2. If the event falls on a weekend that is normally allocated to another League, contact that League to acquire permission in writing to hold the event on the weekend they normally use.
    3. Submit a copy of the written permission from the League that usually is allocated the field(s).

Upon receipt of the required documents the request to host the event will be reviewed. If the request is approved, a permit will be issued from the Recreation Division. Please note that hosting a Cup Game or International Match does not set a precedence for your League to use of City of Victoria Parks annually.


Beyond supplying proof of liability insurance, City bylaws require that some or all of the following user fees are to be paid.

  • Park permit fees - regular fields 
  • Park permit fees - sand based fields 
  • Sports Field Lighting Fees 
  • Change Room Fees 
  • Barrier Fence Rental Fees 
  • Beer Garden Fees 
  • Beer Garden/Tournament Litter Deposits 
  • Garbage Disposal Fees 
  • Beer Garden/Tournament Clean Up Deposit 
  • Park Clean Up Fees 
  • Staff Call Out Fees


Park staff retain the right to cancel any permit subject to field/weather condition.

Cancellation of events for environmental conditions such as rain-outs, shall not be charged providing the event is cancelled prior to the beginning of play by the Parks Division.

Refunds for tournaments/beer gardens will only be issued if received no later than seven days before the requested time. Refunds will be considered if City staff can find an alternate user for the tournament/beer garden time.

Cancellation/refund policy [PDF - 6 KB]