Extra Garbage Options

Have extra garbage?

Please note, garbage is no longer accepted for drop off at the Public Works Yard. 

Yard and garden waste will continue to be accepted at the Public Works Yard on Saturdays from 7a.m to 2 p.m. Learn more about this option.

Option 1 : Purchase Extra Garbage Tickets

If you occasionally have more garbage than will fit in your Grey Bin, please purchase extra garbage tickets ($4 each) at the Public Service Centre at Victoria City Hall, or the Crystal Pool and Fitness Centre. Place your extra bags and their tickets beside your Grey Bin for pick up on your regular collection day. All garbage must be bagged and weigh less than 15 kilograms or 33 pounds.

Option 2: Change the Size of Your Grey Bin

If you consistently have more garbage than will fit in your Grey Bin, you can request a larger sized Grey Bin for an additional annual fee. Click here to access the fillable application form or call 250.361.0226.

Option 3:  Extra garbage drop off locations

The Hartland Landfill is open Monday through Saturday. When dropping off residential waste there is a $10  user fee and a charge of $107 per metric tonne. Two bags of residential garbage generally range between $12-14 depending on the weight of the contents. A mattress and a box spring ranges between $15-16.

Ellice Recycling is open seven days a week and accepts recycling and garbage drop offs. Residential waste drop off prices start at approximately $19 for up to 90 kg.

What is garbage and what can now be recycled?

The good news is that the list of what actually is garbage is shrinking each year. If you have items such as these, please first try to find them a second home. If you do need to dispose of them, they do currently belong in the landfill:

Larger garbage items:
-furniture, e.g. couches, particle board desks, headboards
-plastic dishwashers
-Mattresses and box springs (paid for as residential garbage at the Hartland Landfill, but diverted for recycling)
-Items with mixed materials, e.g. running shoes, pots and pans with plastic and metal

Regular household garbage:
Make-up remover pads, cotton swabs and balls, dental floss, rubber bands, dryer sheets, lint, cigarettes and butts, vacuum contents and bags, lined pet food bags and other lined bags, foil bags, butter wrappers, bagged pet feces or litter, hair, bread clips or ties, diapers, baby wipes, tissues with human waste, sanitary hygiene products, noxious weeds

What can be recycled?
Many items that used to end up in the landfill can now be recycled. 

For a comprehensive, up to date list of what can be recycled and where, visit the CRD's MyRecyclopedia.

Click here for more information on what is accepted at Hartland Landfill, hours of operation and location.

Items Accepted for Recycling at Harland Recycling - no charge
Small appliances: e.g. toasters, microwaves,  hairdryers, vacuums
Batteries: e.g. household, rechargeable and automotive
Electronics: e.g. TVs, computers, cell phones
Fire extinguishers, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, thermostats
Lighting equipment: e.g. fluorescent tubes and light bulbs
Propane tanks
Car tires (unrimmed)

Items Accepted for Recycling - $6 recycling fee per trip for residential waste
Cooling appliances - $20 additional fee for each appliance that contains or contained refrigerants
Large appliances with over 80% metal content - Note: plastic dishwashers are not accepted for recycling at this time
Books - hard and soft cover
Clothing - clean, dry and bagged or boxed
Ferrous metals - wrought iron, casting, steel
Non-ferrous metals - lead, copper brass, aluminum
Clean plastic bags and film - pilot program
Large rigid plastic items. e.g. patio furniture, toys - pilot program
Car tires (rimmed)
Bike tires and tubes
Mattresses and box springs (paid for as residential garbage, but diverted for recycling)

Recycling Depots

The Hartland Recycling Facility is one of many local depots that take recyclable items not picked up through the residential garbage service or the curbside blue box recycling program. Ellice Recycle is one of the other options in the City of Victoria.

Learn more about what is accepted at Hartland Landfill.