Garbage Bin Selection

You can pick the size of your grey bin for garbage, based upon the amount of waste you produce.

You can request to have the size of your grey bin for garbage changed. 

Grey Bin Sizes

Rates effective January 1, 2023


  • Standard 120 L: This will be a good fit for most households in Victoria.  Your annual cost will be $243.30.
  • Small 80 L: If you are an avid recycler and currently have a very small amount of garbage, this is a good option for you. Your annual collection cost will be $212.58, a cost savings of $30.72 when compared to the standard 120L grey bin option.
  • Large 180 L: If you have a large family or often need extra bags of garbage to be picked up, this will be the best size for you.  Your annual collection cost will be $289.38, $46.08 more than the standard 120L grey bin option.

Bin Dimensions:


80L: depth 55 cm, width 41 cm, height 87 cm or
120L: depth 54 cm, width 49 cm, height 96 cm
180L: depth 74 cm, width 60 cm, height 97 cm


80L: depth 21 5/8”, width 16 1/8”, height 34 3/16”
120L: depth 21 1/16”, width 19 1/8”, height 37 5/8”
180L: depth 28 3/4”, width 23 1/2", height 37 1/2”

Things to Consider:

  • Pick-up is every two weeks
  • Holiday Pick-up:  Please remember when a collection day falls on a statutory holiday, the two week period could stretch to 16 or 17 days.

Grey Bin Size Change Request

 If you want to change the size of your grey bin, there will be a $30 fee per bin size change to cover the replacement cost and delivery of the new grey bin.

Click here to access the Grey Bin Size Change Request form.

Please call  250.361.0226 if you have any further question.

Reporting a Damaged Bin
If you would like to report a damaged bin, please complete a Damaged Bin Report Form  [PDF - 42 KB] and submit by pressing the send button on the upper right hand corner.  If you have a kitchen scraps and garbage account with more than four residential units or if you have additional questions, please call 250.361.0226.