Saturday Garden Waste Drop-off

City of Victoria Kitchen Scraps and Garbage customers can drop off their garden waste on Saturdays (except holidays), year-round at the Public Works Yard at 417 Garbally Road, from 7 a.m. - 2 p.m.

This service is included with the City of Victoria's residential Kitchen Scraps and Garbage program. Please bring your Kitchen Scraps and Garbage utility bill or a drivers licence showing residence at a property that has kitchen scraps and garbage service. There will be no additional charge for this drop off service. This service is not for commercial use. For more information, call 250.361.0400.

Garden Waste 

Accepted: leaves, branches, grass

Not accepted: rocks, sod, soil, stumps, or branches greater than 1.8 metres (6 feet) in length or 50 millimetres (2 inches) in diameter

Please note: Proper disposal of invasive plant and vine species is a critical step in stopping further spread of seeds or plant material that is able to reproduce vegetatively.  To safely remove your invasive plants, you need to bring them to the regional disposal site. Before you do this, please plan carefully:

- Place all plant and vine parts in garbage bags
- Label these “INVASIVE PLANTS”
- Take your bags to Hartland Landfill at 1 Hartland Avenue

Invasive plant and vine material should not be disposed of through the green bin program or through plant material drop-off at Garbally Road yard.  Improper disposal through these two options could result in further spread of invasive plant material to our natural environment.

Garden Waste Drop Off:

  • To reduce the wait time caused by seasonal higher drop off volume, if possible please consolidate your loads and come every other weekend
  • To facilitate lining up safely, please access Garbally Road from the Jutland Road intersection
  • There is a single truckload limit at the Garden Waste drop-off
  • Also, please arrive before 1:30 p.m to ensure that your yard waste can be collected before 2 p.m. 

Thank you for your understanding

Garbage Drop Off   

Garbage drop off is no longer available at the Public Works Yard.

Please click here to learn about other extra garbage disposal options.


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