Hypodermic Needle Disposal

Used hypodermic needles pose a safety risk to the public. For removal of hypodermic needles on public property in Victoria–contact us with the street address and location of the needle–and our street cleaning crew will come and pick it up.

Public Works Street Cleaning Crew
250.361.0400 (24hrs)

Removal from Private Property

For pickup of hypodermic syringes on private property, please arrange pickup via the following methods:

Downtown Victoria Business Association Clean Team
Needle pickup for areas within the DVBA boundaries
Monday - Friday 8:30 - 5pm

AVI Mobile Harm Reduction Unit
Wednesday - Friday 12-4pm

7 days a week (small fee charged for pickup)
857 Caledonia Street

Serving the Greater Victoria area (fee based)
250-656-3382 or click here for more info.

Hypodermic needles can be disposed of at some pharmacies, call your local pharmacy to inquire.