What goes in my Green Bin?

Kitchen scraps include:

  • Food leftovers: including meat, fish, poultry, bones, dairy products, bread, solidified fats and grease, fruit and vegetables and plate scrapings.
  • Food- soiled paper products: including paper towels and napkins, food packaging such as used paper cups and plates.



Green Bin Tips: As easy as 1,2,3...

1. Place your "kitchen catcher" in an easy to access area in your kitchen for daily use.

2. You must line your "kitchen catcher" with newspaper, a paper bag, or a compostable bag with the compostable logo.   Large rolls of compostable bags are now available for sale the Public Service Centre at City Hall and at the Crystal Pool and Fitness centre.  Rolls of 90 bags are $10 plus tax.  By purchasing large quantities of these bags, the City is able to pass the cost savings along to you.  Please remember that biodegradable or plastic bags are not accepted with the kitchen scraps.

3. Once filled, empty your "kitchen catcher" into your Green Bin and close the pest-resistant latch.

What goes in my Grey Bin?

Garbage includes:

  • Make-up remover pads, cotton swabs and balls
  • Dental floss, rubber bands
  • Dryer sheets, lint
  • Cigarettes and butts
  • Vacuum contents and bags
  • Pet food bags and other lined bags
  • Foil chip and cookie bags
  • Butter wrappers
  • Bagged pet feces or litter
  • Hair
  • Bread clips or ties
  • Diapers, baby wipes, tissues with human waste
  • Sanitary hygiene products

Grey Bin Tips: As easy as 1,2,3...

1.  Collect the above garbage items and transfer them to your Grey Bin.

2.  Ensure that bathroom, pet waste, dust, sawdust and cold ashes are bagged and that broken glass is wrapped.

3.  Keep these items out of your garbage:

  • Kitchen scraps, yard and garden waste, recyclable materials (such as cardboard, small and large appliances, tires), commercial waste, building and construction materials, furniture, explosive or radioactive materials and hazardous materials such as pesticides, herbicides, hypodermic needles and syringes.

Collection Day Tips

  • If you are looking for your collection day schedule, click here to view it, print it or sign up for collection day reminders.
  • Please have your bins accessible by 7a.m. on your collection day.
  • Maintain safe access to your Green and Grey Bins. Trim foliage and remove moss from driveways and sidewalks and keep driveways clear of vehicles.
  • Safely secure dogs away from your Green and Grey Bins or keep pets indoors on collection day.
  • During winter, clear a path free of snow and ice to prevent injury to your collector.

Extra Garbage Tickets

If you occasionally have more garbage than will fit in your Grey Bin, please purchase Extra Garbage Tickets ($4 each) at the Public Service Centre at Victoria City Hall, the Crystal Pool and Fitness Centre or at Centennial Square, Bastion Square, Broughton Street or View Street parkades. (*Note: the Johnson Street parkade is automated, and does not sell extra garbage tickets).  This ticket must be attached to each extra bag of garbage and they must weigh less than 15 kilograms (33 pounds).  Please place these bags and their tickets beside your Grey Bin for pick up.  If you consistently have more garbage than will fit in your Grey Bin, you can request a larger sized Grey Bin for an additional annual fee. 

 Garden Waste Drop Off

City of Victoria Kitchen Scraps and Garbage customers can drop off their garden waste year-round at the Public Works Yard at 417 Garbally Road on Saturdays from 7a.m.- 2 p.m.   Please bring your Kitchen Scraps and Garbage utility bill or a drivers licence showing residence at a property that has kitchen scraps and garbage service.  This service is not for commercial use.  For more information call 250.361.0400.

Helping Hand Service 

If you have a mobility challenge and are not be able to return your empty bins from the curb, please fill in the following application.  If you are under 80 years old, you will need to provide an existing accessible parking pass or provide a note from your doctor.  If you are over 80 years old, no doctors note is needed.  The application form is available here [PDF - 140 KB].  Please fill it in and return it to or drop it off at City Hall.  If you have questions please call 250.361.0226.

Why a new Kitchen Scraps and Garbage program? 

  • Less waste: By taking kitchen scraps out of the garbage, Victoria will reduce the amount of material going to the landfill by 30%, diverting as much as 1,500 tonnes of organics from the Hartland Landfill each year.
  • Use less/pay less: The new system allows you to choose a standard, smaller or larger grey bin for garbage, allowing people with less garbage to pay less.
  • Local compost: Your kitchen scraps will become fertilizer or compost.
  • Smaller carbon footprint: Kitchen scraps create greenhouse gases in our landfill. By composting our kitchen scraps, we will shrink our community's carbon footprint.
  • Safer: The risk of worker injury will be reduced through the use of mechanically-lifted bins. 

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