Harm Reduction

We support a five pillars strategy that involves a coordinated, comprehensive approach to addictions that balances public order and public health to create safer and healthier communities.

An underlying principle of the five pillar approach is that no single agency is responsible for planning and implementation - it requires coordinated efforts of a coalition of organizations within their areas of responsibility and expertise, including: local governments; health authorities; provincial governments; the Federal government; police departments; non-profit, private and inter- faith service agencies; and, the broader community. The City's level of participation is regulated according to legal jurisdiction.

The five pillars approach includes:

  • prevention
  • harm reduction
  • addiction treatment and supportive recovery
  • adequate and affordable housing
  • enforcement

This approach is intended to reduce the amount of on-the-street consumption, drug overdose deaths, and the infection rates for HIV and hepatitis, as well as increase the success rate for addictions recovery.