Protecting Tenants and Rental Housing

61% of Victoria residents rent their home.

It can be very challenging to find a place to rent with a vacancy rate of just 1%. That's why we're working on a suite of new housing initiatives aimed to provide support for renters and improve access to rental housing. 

Recent Rental Housing Initiatives

  •  A Tenant Assistance Policy to help mitigate the impacts of tenant displacement
  • Renter’s Advisory Committee to provide advice and recommendations to  Council on rental housing and tenant related matters
  • Short-term rental regulations geared to increase access to long-term rental housing
  • Committing $1.8 million toward two affordable rental housing projects in 2019
  • Increasing funding for the Housing Reserve Fund from $250,000 to $1 million for 2019
  • A Rental Energy and Seismic Upgrade incentive program will aim to improve energy performance and seismic upgrades to the City’s aging rental apartment buildings while retaining tenants. Council has directed staff to identify pilot projects for testing and further development of this incentive program.
  •  A new Rental Property Standards of Maintenance Bylaw will establish a basic standard of repair for residential rental properties, expected for 2019

Current and Upcoming Rental Housing Work

Council has committed prioritizing the following actions for 2019 and 2020:

  • Implementation of Residential Rental Tenure Zoning to preserve existing and future rental housing in Victoria
  • A tenant engagement strategy to ensure tenants voices are heard, and to increase renter participation in public engagement processes
  • Incentives and regulations to protect tenancies and prevent renovictions
  • A policy to prioritize the development of new rental housing and simplify development processes for affordable rental housing
  • A family housing policy to encourage the development of more two and three bedroom units and to ensure new housing meets the needs of families
  • A bylaw to establish a basic standard of repair for residential rental properties
  • Support for new housing policies to ensure inclusion related to gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, age, ability, and family status
  • A comprehensive review of the City’s Zoning Regulation Bylaw to ensure compatibility with City housing objectives
  • A working group of housing stakeholders to review progress on Housing Strategy items