Protecting Tenants and Rental Housing

We're working on a suite of new housing initiatives aimed to provide support for renters and improve access to rental housing.

Approximately 60% of Victoria residents are renters. Rising housing costs and low rental housing vacancy rates mean that tenants may have difficulty finding housing that is affordable to them. This difficulty may increase when tenants have to move because their building gets renovated or redeveloped.

Recent Rental Housing Initiatives

  • Renter’s Advisory Committee to provide advice and recommendations to  Council on rental housing and tenant related matters
  • Short-term rental regulations geared to increase access to long-term rental housing
  • Committing $1.8 million toward two affordable rental housing projects in 2019
  • Increasing funding for the Housing Reserve Fund from $250,000 to $1 million for 2019
  • A Rental Energy and Seismic Upgrade incentive program will aim to improve energy performance and seismic upgrades to the City’s aging rental apartment buildings while retaining tenants. Council has directed staff to identify pilot projects for testing and further development of this incentive program.
  •  A new Rental Property Standards of Maintenance Bylaw will establish a basic standard of repair for residential rental properties, expected for 2019

  • A tenant assistance policy to provide better support for renters who are required to move when their building is rezoned for redevelopment

Tenant Assistance Policy

A new Tenant Assistance Policy [PDF - 547 KB] provides guidelines for tenant assistance when renters are required to move because their building is being rezoned for redeveloped. 

The focus of the Tenant Assistance Policy is on protecting vulnerable tenants such as seniors, young families, and people with accessibility needs, who may have additional challenges finding an appropriate place to live. 

The Tenant Assistance Policy applies to rezoning applications where tenants will be required to find a new place to live as a result of the redevelopment. It also serves as a best-practice approach for any renovation or redevelopment situations where tenants are required to relocate.  

Developers applying for a rezoning that displaces existing renters are asked to include a Tenant Assistance Plan application to the City that includes: 

  • information about how the landlord plans to communicate with current renters 
  • what compensation, relocation assistance and moving cost support will be provided 
  • the offer for current tenants to return to the new or renovated building with rent rates discounted by at least 10% of the new starting rate 

A summary of your Tenant Assistance Plan will be included with the staff report to Committee of the Whole (Council) for the rezoning application.

The Tenant Assistance Policy is one of several initiatives the City of Victoria is undertaking as part of a Housing Strategy aimed at addressing housing affordability in Victoria and is intended to complement existing regulations under the Provincial Residential Tenancy Act.

Information for Owners and Developers

Property owners will be asked to submit a Tenant Assistance Plan with any rezoning application involving the displacement of tenants. Your Tenant Assistance Plan can be submitted at the same time you submit your rezoning application. 

Housing staff will review your Tenant Assistance Plan and provide guidance and feedback to support alignment with the City’s Tenant Assistance Policy, including any recommendations for supporting any vulnerable tenants. A summary of your Tenant Assistance Plan will be included with the staff report to Committee of the Whole (Council) for the rezoning application.

All necessary documents, as well as template letters and reports, can be found in the Tenant Assistance Package.

Download the Tenant Assistance Plan and supporting documents here:

  1. Instructions & Checklist [PDF - 49 KB]
  2. Guidelines [PDF - 55 KB]
  3. Tenant Assistance Plan [PDF - 194 KB]
  4. Final Tenant Assistance Report [DOCX - 58 KB]
  5. Sample Letter [DOCX - 26 KB]

If you are successful in your rezoning application, you will be asked to demonstrate your completion of all steps in the Tenant Assistance Plan by submitting a Final Tenant Assistance Report to the City  ahead of building occupancy

Information for Tenants

It is important to stay informed about your rights as a tenant. The City of Victoria’s Tenant Assistance Policy is intended to complement existing regulations under the Provincial Residential Tenancy Act.

Sufficient notice

Under the Residential Tenancy Act, landlords must give four months notice to end tenancy for demolition, renovation or repair, or conversion, and tenants have 30 days to dispute the notice. More information is available from the Residential Tenancy Branch

If your landlord plans to undertake major renovations or redevelop the building, they should have all necessary permits (building, electrical, and plumbing) before they can give you a notice to end tenancy. To check if permits have been issued or are in process for your building, contact the City’s Permits division. For more information, visit the BC Residential Branch website. 

Dispute notice

You can dispute a four month notice to end tenancy by applying for dispute resolution at the Residential Tenancy Branch within 30 days of receiving the notice.

Timely information

Before your landlord or their representative applies for redevelopment, they should inform you of their intent to redevelop, the steps involved, and the expected timeline. For rezonings, your landlord may also host a meeting for tenants where you can ask questions.

During the application process for a rezoning, your landlord should provide you with a copy of their Tenant Assistance Plan that the City has approved.

Once all permits are issued, your landlord should provide you with a move-out date with at least four-months notice through a notice to end tenancy.

Relocation assistance guidelines

The City of Victoria’s Tenant Assistance Policy recommends compensation based on the length of tenancy:

Years you've rented the unit

Recommended compensation

up to five years

Three months' rent

five to nine years

Four months' rent

10 to 19 years

Five months' rent

20 year +

 Six months' rent

 Assistance with your moving costs

The City’s Tenant Assistance Policy recommends two options for moving assistance to displaced tenants, at the discretion of the landlord. 

  1. An insured moving company may be hired by the applicant, with all arrangements and costs covered.
  2. Flat rate compensation, based on unit size, provided to the tenant at a rate of: 
    • $500 for a bachelor and one bedroom household
    • $750 for two or more bedroom household

Assistance with finding alternate accommodation

The City’s Tenant Assistance Policy recommends landlords provide tenants with assistance finding three options for new accommodation, should they request it. The options should be comparable in terms of size, location, and rent amounts with a minimum of one option within the same neighbourhood.

Right of first refusal

The City’s Tenant Assistance Policy recommends that existing tenants be offered the opportunity to return to the building, with rent rates discounted by at least 10% off the new starting rates.

If you're considered a vulnerable renter or have a special circumstance, you could be eligible for additional support and compensation. Contact your landlord as soon as possible, using the contact information provided by your landlord in their communications with you.