Tenant Assistance Policy

We’ve introduced a policy to help mitigate the impacts of tenant displacement.

The Tenant Assistance Policy applies to rezoning applications where tenants are required to find a new place to live as a result of the redevelopment. It also serves as a best-practice approach for any renovation or redevelopment situations where tenants are required to relocate.    

Recent changes to the policy include: 

  • A new moving expense clarification that if the applicant chooses to hire an insured moving company, the applicant covers arrangements and costs for moves within Greater Victoria
  • A clarification that per Section 6.0, tenants may request additional assistance, including a higher flat rate for moving expenses than those in the guidelines, at their discretion.

Changes were made as a result of a motion from the Renter’s Advisory Committee to modify the provisions around moving expenses. Staff sought feedback on the proposed changes with the housing provider community including developers, landlords and non-profit housing providers, and through estimating the cost of moves with local vendors.


The Tenant Assistance Policy is one of several initiatives the City of Victoria is undertaking as part of a Housing Strategy and is intended to complement existing regulations under the Provincial Residential Tenancy Act.

Information for Tenants

Information for Developers, Property Owners and Landlords