Information for Developers and Property Owners

Property owners will be asked to submit a Tenant Assistance Plan with any rezoning application involving the displacement of tenants.

Your Tenant Assistance Plan can be submitted at the same time you submit your rezoning application. 

Click to enlarge Tenant Assistance Policy guide [PDF - 408 KB]

Housing staff will review your Tenant Assistance Plan and provide guidance and feedback to support alignment with the City’s Tenant Assistance Policy, including any recommendations for supporting any Tenants requiring additional assistance. A summary of your Tenant Assistance Plan will be included with the staff report to Committee of the Whole (Council) for the rezoning application.

All necessary documents, as well as template letters and reports, can be found here:

Download the Tenant Assistance Policy and supporting documents here:

Tenant Assistance Package [PDF - 854 KB] (all documents)

  1. Instructions & Checklist [PDF - 146 KB]
  2. Tenant Assistance Policy [PDF - 294 KB]
  3. Tenant Assistance Plan [PDF - 227 KB]
  4. Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act Policy Guidelines [PDF - 257 KB]
  5. Request for Tenant Assistance Form [PDF - 64 KB]
  6. Sample Letter to Tenants [PDF - 129 KB]
  7. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Rental Resources [PDF - 47 KB]
  8. Final Tenant Assistance Report [DOCX - 59 KB]

If you are successful in your rezoning application, you will be asked to demonstrate your completion of all steps in the Tenant Assistance Plan by submitting a Final Tenant Assistance Report to the City ahead of building occupancy.

Information for Tenants