Victoria is a city of neighbourhoods, each with distinctive character and charm.

Neighbour Day: Sunday, May 5

Join us on Sunday, May 5 for Neighbour Day in Victoria! This is an opportunity for residents to spend a little time with the people in their community. When neighbours know each other, people are more engaged in their neighbourhoods and have a sense of belonging.


On Friday, May 3, City staff will visit several of Victoria's neighbourhoods to ask people on the street what they might do to connect with each other on Neighbour Day. Staff will also answer questions about the City and provide information on neighbourhood programs, such as Emergency Preparation and how to hold a Block Party. As a starter kit, satchels of tea will be handed out for residents to share.



Friday, May 3 - City teams throughout Victoria: 


10–11:30 a.m.                     12–1:30 p.m.                            2–3:30 p.m.

Burnside Gorge                   Hillside-Quadra                        James Bay 

(Selkirk Trestle)                   (Quadra and Kings)                  (Five Corners)


Vic West                              Harris Green                            North Park 

(By Spiral Café)                   (Market on Yates)                   (Cook at North Park)



Find out more about Victoria's thirteen neighbourhoods, locate community resources, neighbourhood grants and learn how you can get involved in your neighbourhood.

Burnside Gorge

The light-industry
hub of the City,
featuring the beautiful
Selkirk Trestle.

Harris Green

The employment and entertainment capital of
the region.

Fairfield & Gonzales

Classic heritage homes
and Cook Street Village.


Home to funky Fernwood
Square and the Belfry Theatre.


A diverse

surrounding Quadra

James Bay

Victoria's seaside neighbourhood.


Home to Royal Jubilee

North Park

The recreation hub for the City at the edge of the core.


Home to a bounty of bungalows and
Hautain Corners.


Mansions, a castle,
tree-lined streets and
rock walls.

Vic West

An eclectic neighbourhood
on the west side of the




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