Acres of Green 

Multi-cultural and multi-generational, the eclectic Hillside Quadra neighbourhood has over 43 acres of Victoria’s green space. 

neighbourhood replete with tree-lined streets, grassy boulevards and a variety of housing styles and sizes. Quadra Village is the heart and soul of this venerable community, providing a novel mix of retail, restaurant and service businesses. The village showcases the multi-cultural nature of the community with Caribbean, Dutch, Indian, Greek and Filipino food stores. Topaz Park, Victoria’s most prestigious outdoor sports campus, is also located in this neighbourhood.

1. Picnicking at the playground, dog walking, ball playing and soon... bike riding and skate boarding at Topaz Park.


2. The People’s Apothecary and the Wark St. Commons that offer healing herbs aplenty.


3. Quadra Village Day - a community festival like no other.