My Great Neighbourhood Grant Program

The My Great Neighbourhood Grant program is all about community.

The program helps residents animate public space, develop and enhance a sense of community and leave a positive legacy in our neighbourhoods. You are invited to apply!

My Great Neighbourhoods Grants

The My Great Neighbourhood Grant Program is now open on a rolling intake beginning April 1, 2021. Applications will be accepted until October 31, 2021 unless funds are fully allocated prior to this date.

What qualifies as a good project for this grant program?

Qualifying Projects:

  • Are initiated and implemented by local residents
  • Help animate community spaces
  • Create gathering spots or provide activities that bring people together
  • Contribute to neighbourhood pride and enhance quality of life
  • Promote community development and community programming
  • Could serve as a neighbourhood improvement campaign
  • Can be a pilot project
  • Must be completed within one year upon receiving funding

The City will provide up to $5,000 for placemaking projects and community recovery and resiliency projects and up to $1,000 for activities. The community must match the funding, which can be a combination of volunteer labour, donated services, donated materials and other funds raised. Any not-for-profit organization, school or ad hoc groups of residents can apply, although a sponsor must be found for those without not-for-profit status.

Important Documents:

Additional Resources

Placemaking projects may include:

  • Community garden enhancement
  • Boulevard enhancement
  • Neighbourhood gathering place (e.g. seating areas)
  • Community pathway
  • Decorative lighting display
  • Community art display
  • Neighbourhood branding initiative
  • Interpretive signage
  • Community lending projects (e.g. seed libraries and tools)
  • Playground enhancement
  • Playable spaces

Neighbourhood Advisors:

Your Neighbourhood Liaisons are available to assist you in working through your ideas and questions.

Burnside-Gorge, Oaklands, Hillside, Rockland

Gary Pemberton: 

Downtown-Harris Green, Fernwood, North Park, Vic West

Michael Hill: 

Fairfield, Gonzales, Jubilee, James Bay

Kimberley Stratford:

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