My Great Neighbourhood Grant Program

The My Great Neighbourhood Grant program was created to help residents of Victoria animate public space, develop and enhance a sense of community and leave a positive legacy in our neighbourhoods. You are invited to apply!

My Great Neighbourhoods Grants

The 2018 Fall Intake opens on September 1 and will close on October 15. Pre-application meetings must be held before October 5th. 

What qualifies as a good project for this grant program?

Qualifying Projects:

  • Are initiated and implemented by local residents.
  • Help animate community spaces.
  • Create gathering spots or provide activities that bring people together. 
  • Contribute to neighbourhood pride and enhance quality of life.
  • Promote community development and community programming
  • Could serve as a neighbourhood improvement campaign
  • Can be a pilot project
  • Must be completed within one year upon receiving funding.

The City will fund up to $5,000 to match the equivalent contribution the neighbourhood makes, which can be a combination of volunteer labour, donated services, donated materials and other funds raised. Eligible applications include not-for-profit organizations, schools and community centres. Ad hoc groups of residents are also eligible for the grant but need a sponsor non-profit organization. 

The City will provide up to $5,000 for placemaking projects and up to $1,000 for activities.  The projects funded by these grants are initiated and implemented by local residents.

How Do I Apply?

If you are interested in applying for a My Great Neighbourhood Grant, consider the grant policy [PDF - 55 KB] to get a good understanding of the program.  Here is a tip sheet which you may find helpful.  If you are interested in a community art project, please look at the guidelines that apply to those types of projects.

You can then review the checklist [PDF - 53 KB] as you develop your project idea to make sure that you are considering everything.

Once you have developed a concept for a project, you should schedule a meeting to discuss the idea with the Neighbourhood Advisor for the location. You must meet with staff before you submit your application.

Fernwood, North Park, Downtown-Harris Green, Victoria West
Michael Hill: (250) 361.0397, email Mike

Oaklands, Burnside-Gorge, Quadra-Hillside, Rockland:
Gary Pemberton: (250) 361.0548, email Gary

James Bay, Fairfield-Gonzales, South Jubilee, North Jubilee:
Kimberley Stratford: (250) 361.0320, email Kimberley

Once you have met with staff and confirmed that your idea is ready to submit, please complete the application form: 
2018 Fall My Great Neighbourhood Grant Application [DOCX - 102 KB]

Placemaking projects may include:

  • Community garden enhancement
  • Boulevard enhancement
  • Neighbourhood gathering place (e.g. seating areas)
  • Community pathway
  • Decorative lighting display
  • Community art display
  • Neighbourhood branding initiative
  • Interpretive signage
  • Community lending projects (e.g. seed libraries and tools)
  • Playground enhancement
  • Playable spaces 

Click here to read about recent successful applications:  2016 Grant Recipients

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Important Documents:

2018 Fall My Great Neighbourhood Grant Application Form [DOCX - 102 KB]

2018 Fall My Great Neighbourhood Grant Policy [PDF - 55 KB]

2018 Fall My Great Neighbourhood Grant Checklist [PDF - 53 KB]

Tip Sheet:
Things to consider (tip sheet).pdf [PDF - 218 KB]

Community Arts Project Guidelines:
 Art Project Guidelines.pdf [PDF - 207 KB]

Sample Activity Budget:
Sample Activity Budget.pdf [PDF - 20 KB]

Sample Placemaking Project Budget:
Sample Placemaking Project Budget [DOCX - 69 KB]

Final Report Template
2018 Fall My Great Neighbourhoods Final Report Template [PDF - 75 KB]