Resources and Partnerships

Find out more about resources that other community-based organizations offer neighbourhoods.

Building Resilient Neighbourhoods

A collaborative effort to help create more resilient communities and neighbourhoods in British Columbia, Canada. The initiative is currently delivered and hosted by SHIFT Collaborative in collaboration with Greater Victoria Eldercare Foundation and BC Healthy Communities Society.

Greater Victoria Placemaking Network

We focus on what happens in ‘the public realm’ in Greater Victoria – in our places, green spaces, on our streets and informal gathering areas. Placemaking is about bringing neighbours, businesses, specialists, visitors and others together to collaborate in creating great places.

Victoria Foundation Small Grant Fund

Do you have a great idea for your community? Through the Neighbourhood Small Grants (NSG) program, small grants of up to $500 are available for residents to develop projects that meet the needs of the community.

Project for Public Spaces

A nonprofit organization that helps people create and sustain public spaces that build strong communities. We are the central hub of the global Placemaking movement, connecting people to ideas, resources, expertise, and partners who see place as the key to addressing our greatest challenges.


A nonprofit news, action and connection hub for the sharing economy.

What’s the sharing economy? It’s a movement of movements emerging from the grassroots up to solve today’s biggest challenges, which old, top-down institutions are failing to address.

Lighter Quicker Cheaper

The quality of a public space has always been best defined by the people who use it. The growing success of “Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper” (LQC) projects all over the world is proof that expensive and labor-intensive initiatives are not the only, or even the most effective, ways to bring energy and life into a community’s public space.

Better Block Foundation

A nonprofit that educates, equips, and empowers communities and their leaders to reshape and reactivate built environments to promote the growth of healthy and vibrant neighborhoods.


Our mission at Curbed is to advocate for the places where people live, by celebrating, chronicling, and explaining everything you need to know about homes, neighborhoods, and cities.

Tamarack Community

We turn theory into action by connecting people into networks to share and learn together, and we work one-on-one with organizations to help advance their specific agendas.

We work deeply in two practice areas to advance community change: Vibrant Communities: Cities Reducing Poverty and Cities Deepening Community.

Abundant Communities Edmonton

ACE is a neighbourhood engagement and community organizing approach - basically, a way to build a culture of care and connection at the block level by getting to know your neighbours!